Kwadwo Appiah-Kubi

Assistant Professor
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Dr. Appiah-Kubi obtained his PhD in Neuromotor Science from Temple University, Philadelphia (in 2019), where he researched into the development of a rehabilitation protocol to treat balance disorders with focus on vestibular-related disorders through sensory reweighting. He received his Masters and Bachelors in Physical Therapy from Cardiff University, UK (2009) and University of Ghana (2005), respectively. He was an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Ghana Physical Therapy Department (2010-2013).

His research interest is to study the effects of concurrent vestibular activation and postural training on sensory reweighting of postural control processing in individuals with vestibular-related disorders using virtual reality, and to validate a virtual reality-based device for vestibular-postural rehabilitation. The population of interest to achieve this aim include the elderly, stroke, vestibular dysfunction, multiple sclerosis and traumatic brain injury. In addition, he is currently collaborating with colleagues from the University of Ghana and Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (Ghana) to develop a low-cost technologically-based quantitative balance assessment device for people with stroke in low-resource settings. He has over 15 peer-reviewed articles related to vestibular and oculomotor assessments, vestibular rehabilitation and stroke. He joined Clarkson University in 2020 and he is currently an Assistant Professor.  

Education Background

  • Neuromotor Science, Ph.D.– Temple University 
  • Physical Therapy, M.S.– Cardiff University 
  • Physical Therapy, B.S.– University of Ghana

Courses Taught

PT 614: Neuromuscular Physical Therapy (Semester coordinator/Course Instructor/ Neuroanatomy Instructor)
PT 648: Writing and Presentation Research (Research Advisor) 
PT 618: Research Practicum (Research Advisor)
PT 608: Research Methods (Research Advisor)
PT 604: Physical Therapy for Multiple Systems Disorders I (Neuroanatomy Instructor)
PT 505: Foundational Sciences for Physical Therapy (Co-instructor)
PT 528: Analytical Methods for Evidence Based Practice (Research Advisor)
BY 405: Undergraduate Research in Bioscience (Research Advisor)
PT 305: Introduction to Physical Therapy II (Guest lecturer)
PT 300: Independent Study (Research Advisor) 

Research Interests

  • Sensory reweighting
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Balance training
  • Balance assessment
  • Virtual reality 


Temple University Visionary Research Fund Award (2017-2018). Total amount: $ 3,000
Doctoral Dissertation Completion Grant, Temple University (2019). Total amount: $ 11,000


Co-PI. Imtiaz M, Fite K & Appiah-Kubi KO (2023-2024). Center for Rehabilitation Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST) Graduate Research Fellowship Grant Proposals. Re-design of a low-power ai vision controlled pediatric prosthetic hand. Total award: Graduate student support + $ 5,000        

Mentor. Kuxhaus L, Hunter G, Issen K, Boolani A, Schuckers S, Appiah-Kubi KO, Michalek A, et al. (2023-2026). NIH R25 BiOengineering Research Education to AcceLerate Innovation in STEM (BOREALIS). Total award: $ 660,475

PI. Appiah-Kubi KO (2023-2024). Restore Center Pilot Project Award, Standard University. Effects of concurrent vestibular activation and postural training on postural control using virtual reality. Total award: $ 30,000

PI. Appiah-Kubi KO (2022-2024). NIH Loan Repayment Program. Effects of concurrent vestibular activation and postural training on postural control using virtual reality. Total award: $ 50,000

PI. Appiah-Kubi KO (2021-2022). Undergraduate Faculty Research Awards, Clarkson University. Effects of concurrent vestibular activation and postural training on postural control using virtual reality. Total award: $ 5,000


Almajid, R., Appiah-Kubi, K., Cipriani, D., & Goel, R. (2023). Dual-tasking Interference is Exacerbated Outdoors: A Pilot Study. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, 5, 37.

Appiah-Kubi, K. O., Laing, E., & Imtiaz, M. H. (2022). A Study Protocol to Evaluate the Effects of Vestibular Training on the Postural Control of Healthy Adults Using Virtual Reality. Applied Sciences, 12(23), 11937.

Appiah-Kubi, K. O., Galgon, A., Tierney, R., Lauer, R., & Wright, W.G. (2020). Effects of Vestibular Training on Postural Control of Healthy Adults. CommonHealth Journal, 1(1), 31-36.

Appiah-Kubi, K. O., & Wright, W. G. (2019). Vestibular training promotes adaptation of multisensory integration in postural control. Gait & posture, 73, 215-220.

Wright, W. G., McDevitt, J., Tierney, R., Haran, F. J., Appiah-Kubi, K. O., & Dumont, A. (2017). Assessing subacute mild traumatic brain injury with a portable virtual reality balance device. Disability and rehabilitation, 39(15), 1564-1572.

Appiah-Kubi, K.O., Lain, E., Imtiaz M.H. (Dec 2022). A study protocol to evaluate the effects of vestibular training on the postural control of healthy adults using virtual reality. 2nd International Virtual Conference on Neuroscience, Brain Disorders and Therapeutics), Delight Scientific Conferences, UK

Giulia Mahoney, Joel Martin, Rebecca Martin, Chelsea Yager, Matthew Lee Smith, Zachary Grin, Christina Vogel-Rosbrook, Dylan Bradley, Kwadwo Osei Appiah-Kubi & Ali Boolani (2021). Evidence that feelings of energy and fatigue are associated differently with gait characteristics and balance: an exploratory study, Fatigue: Biomedicine, Health & Behavior 9(3), 125-138.

Appiah-Kubi, K. O., Shattuck, H., Bicknell, J., Laing, E., Jean Y., Adegoriolu, J., Cann A., Asante-Asamani, E., (Feb 2024). Concurrent headshake and postural training using virtual reality improves eye movement velocity: Preliminary data. American Physical Therapy Association Combined Section Meeting (APTA CSM), Boston, Massachusetts

Appiah-Kubi, K. O., Shattuck, H., Bicknell, J., Laing, E., VanLandeghem, J., Senarathna, D. (Nov 2023). Concurrent Headshake with Postural Training using Virtual Reality Improves Balance and Modifies Muscle Activation: Preliminary Data. Society for Neuroscience (SfN), Washington, DC [Accepted]

Appiah-Kubi, K. O., Galgon, A., Tierney, R., Lauer, R., & Wright, W.G. (Jun 2023). Concurrent Vestibular-Postural Training Promotes Postural Reflexes and Stability. World Physiotherapy Congress, WP2023: 1722, Dubai  



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