All Undergraduate Students are required to pay a $500.00 Admissions Deposit to reserve your place in a Clarkson University Class. The $500.00 Admissions Deposit is credited toward your first semester’s tuition.  Please note, that Admissions Deposits are non-refundable if you decide not to enroll at Clarkson University.

All questions pertaining to housing, room assignments and Meal Plans should be addressed to Residence Life. Contact information may be found at the residence life website

The Knight Card is an optional account that can be used with campus vending machines and off campus merchants that includes but not limited to: University Bookstore, Subway, Jreck Subs, Kinney Drugs Stores. Potsdam Ponderosa, Sergi’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria, Big M Supermarket, McDonald's, Burger King, Arby’s Restaurant and many more. The Declining Balance is connected only to our campus dining service, with or without a Meal Plan.

Knight Card Website.

Contact Aramark for declining balance information at

The “to do list” is a method of communication to the student pertaining to required or missing information or forms. This “to do list” is on their PeopleSoft Account under the Student Service Center. By clicking on “Click to complete” it will bring you to the item(s) that need to be completed. When available if you “click on complete” on an item it will allow you to complete the form online or will instruct you on how to complete the to do.

  • Subsidized Loans (undergraduate students only) do not accrue interest while a student is enrolled in school at least half time.
  • Unsubsidized Loan accrues interest after the loan is disbursed. You are not required to pay the interest while in school.
  • Submit a FAFSA annually
  • All Students are required to accept, reduce or decline their loan(s). Returning students do so via self-service on their PeopleSoft Account.
  • New students do so by returning their completed Financial Aid Notice (FAN).
  • All Federal Direct Loans require a student to complete an Entrance Counseling session online. 
  • All Federal Direct Loans require a student to complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) online.
  • The MPN is good for 10 years.
  • All Federal Direct Loans require the student to complete the Federal Title IV Form found under Financial Aid Forms

Requirements for a parent to apply for a Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan are:

  • All Federal Parent Plus Loans require the student to submit a FAFSA annually.
  • Federal Direct Plus Loan can be applied for online. 
  • All Plus Loan borrowers will need to complete a Plus Master Promissory Note by selecting “Complete MPN” under the Master Promissory heading and then choose Parent Plus.
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