Q: What’s the best way to use the videos?  
A: Your class or club schedule and plans will inform the best way for you to use the videos. You can use just one video, two videos, or all three. No matter how many you use, we suggest that you show them one at a time: review the pre-viewing discussion questions, show the video, and then continue the discussion using the post-viewing questions. We strongly suggest that you provide time for discussion; the videos were designed to address why young women might not pursue or struggle with their pursuit of a STEM career. The issues raised here may resonate with your students, but others may surface given enough time and space. 

Q: Could I use the videos with high school juniors and seniors?
A: Yes! Educators are welcome to use the videos with the student audience of their choosing. The videos were created with a middle school and 9th and 10th grade audience in mind. Our short documentary (19:18 minutes), Trailblazers: The Untold Stories of Six Women Engineers, which received an Award of Merit from The Impact DOCS Awards Competition, would be appropriate to use with older high school students. Trailblazers provides an overview of the project. It tells the stories of six trailblazing women engineers (the same women who are featured in the educational videos) as they share their experiences overcoming obstacles and paving the way for the next generation. We have not included discussion questions for Trailblazers but believe that the questions above could be adapted for teachers, or student leaders, to use with our documentary. 

Q: Would these videos benefit young men or young people who are gender-nonconforming? 
A: All three of the videos would be beneficial for young people regardless of gender identification. One of the videos in particular, Educate! What is an Engineer? Perspectives of Trailblazing Women Engineers, would be useful for all young people. That video is designed to introduce young people to engineering; that introduction just happens to showcase the perspectives of trailblazing women engineers and girls.

Q: Can I use the videos for non-school groups like Scouts?
A: Absolutely! The videos would be great for Scout leaders to use with their scouts, as well as for parents to use with their children. 

Q: I’m a guidance counselor. Can I use the videos?
A: Definitely! The video, Educate! What is an Engineer? Perspectives of Trailblazing Women Engineers, would be especially good for guidance counselors to use with their students. It introduces young people to engineering. 

Q: Is there a fee for using the videos and materials? 
A: No! They are free. We hope that as many young people as possible benefit from these videos. Spread the word to your colleagues, family, and friends!

Q: Do I need any special technology to show the videos? 
A: You don’t need to download or install any programs or apps. The videos will continue to be accessible on the Inspire! website. 

Q: I used the videos with my students/Scouts/children/etc., and I’d like to provide feedback. How can I do that?
A: E-mail inspire@clarkson.edu. We would love to hear how the videos worked in your classroom, club, or home! 

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