Clinical Education

We strive to produce physical therapists who are effective in clinical practice. This mission informs the entire curriculum which is modular, practice-oriented, evidence-based and problem-based with over 38 weeks of full-time clinical experience/internship and numerous integrated clinical experiences throughout the curriculum, starting at the end of year one.

Diverse Locations Across the Globe

Map representing PT Clinical experience locations


Clarkson University's Department of Physical Therapy offers exceptional clinical experiences. We ensure each student has experiences that are broad in scope and rich in content. Each student's clinical experience is individually tailored to their needs, practice setting interests and geographic preferences. We have formed collaborative relationships coast to coast and internationally, and as such as we have clinical placements throughout the United States, Peru and Italy.  

Structure of the clinical experience

Structure of Physical Therapy Clinical Experiences

  • Students begin Level I clinical experience following their first year of didactic coursework  
  • Level II clinical experience begins at the end of two years of didactic coursework
  • Level III begins at the end of three years of didactic coursework 
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