Service Learning Programs

Engineers for International Sustainability

In the process of working to advance developing communities globally, Clarkson's Engineers for International Sustainability promotes the training and development of globally-aware and internationally-responsible engineers, students, and professionals. Members benefit from the international exchange and experience gained in engineering design, public health, business management, and philanthropy. Our Engineers Without Borders Chapter partners with communities in the developing world to improve areas such as sanitation, energy, and education. Our Engineers for a Sustainable World Chapter focuses on technology innovation and sustainability projects both locally and internationally. Our current project partners with Legal and Charitable Aid Uganda to improve access to safe drinking water in the region of Kinyamaseke, near Queen Elizabeth National Park. 

Doctors Without Borders

Clarkson University’s Doctors Without Borders offers an incredible opportunity for students to gain medical experience in a developing country. Every year we select a group of bright students to go abroad and work in clinics for two weeks usually in late May to early June. Locations that we have traveled to in the past include Antigua, Guatemala; San Jose, Costa Rica; Cuzco, Peru; and Quito, Ecuador. Students work alongside nurses and physicians. This provides a great opportunity for students to figure out which direction in the medical field they would like to take. Before departure to one of these countries, students are trained in taking patient vitals and refreshed on elementary Spanish skills. Throughout the year, we do a lot of fundraising to exponentially lower the cost of the trip. 

Students Without Borders

The purpose of CU SWOB shall be to serve as an official organization for the students of the Clarkson University Physician Assistant Program, to promote clinical excellence and community service, to promote the physician assistant as a member of the health care delivery team, and to help underserved communities by giving of its time and service. Additionally, the purpose of the student society is to coordinate funding to purchase medical and other supplies for, and send students to our annual mission trip. 

Eco Challenge in the Dominican Republic

This course (UNIV 349) and study tour works in collaboration with Education First and an NGO in Angostura, Dominican Republic to apply technical expertise from faculty and students at Clarkson to solve local problems in a rural upland community.  Our task is to respond to the needs analysis provided by the NGO to improve local developmental initiatives. In 2015, we focused on cook stove technology and explored a community–based micro-hydroelectric power system. In 2017, we will be developing a marketing campaign, web-pages, and data management system to support the community’s ecotourism initiative, as well as troubleshooting the computer systems and information technology infrastructure in a local school. 

Environmental Citizenship in the Dominican Republic

Working side by side the locals, you will gain insight into the challenges they face and build lasting solutions related to environmental sustainability to help empower the community. You will live in the communities you serve – celebrating customs and forming lasting connections with locals. Your bilingual Field Director deepens your connection to the land, people and culture. With local perspective on community challenges and skilled training in service leadership, they will provide insight and global context. 

More Short-Term Options

Summer Study Programs

Many of our partner universities around the globe have summer programs which are open for our students to apply. Opportunities are listed in CU Global. Search with the criteria Summer and Study to find available programs. In some cases there are tuition waivers or reduced fees for Clarkson students.

The main advantage of working through a partner university is our well established relationships with their International Office staff members.  

Global Business Programs

Global Business Programs (GBP) provide exciting opportunities for you to expand your education to an international setting. Participation in a Global Business Program will help prepare you to work and compete in an international business environment. You can participate in a two-to-three week faculty-led trip while completing a three-credit course, UNIV399 Global Experience. The semester prior to travel, you will attend class to learn about the specific cultural and business practices of your chosen country. While traveling, you will experience international business through a variety of company site visits. These programs are offered to all majors, but preference is given to business majors. Learn more about our Global Business Programs