ig·nite /iɡˈknight/ verb

• catch fire or cause to catch fire

• to pursue innovation intensely with powerful purpose

• how Golden Knights defy convention to innovate with impact



Join us in the Studio


Projected Student Involvement in the ignite program is to have 50+ majors participating in the future.

Located in B.H. Snell Hall Room 238, the Studio is outfitted with materials for rapid prototyping and team collaboration. Thanks to a team of Clarkson students, a regular computer lab turned into a one-of-a-kind creative space that every student can use to experiment, invent and collaborate!

Clarkson Ignite is continually evolving to harness student ideas in order to cultivate a space where imagination, creation and innovation all belong.  There are numerous ways you can build your own adventure:

Ignite Events

Let's get experiential

Clarkson Ignite offers students a way to collaborate beyond the Studio through Ignite events held year-round. By inviting a variety of change agents from leading industries and forward-looking institutions to campus, students are able to learn from these leaders as they share insight, ideas and discussions on innovation and change.

Past workshops and speakers have covered topics like entrepreneurism, healthcare innovation, crowdfunding, startup pitches and studio design.


Ignite Fest - A new Clarkson tradition

On November 16, 2017, we held our first Clarkson Ignite Fest, beginning a new tradition that celebrates and encourages Clarkson’s innovation and organizational resources and activities. During the day-long fest, we hosted mini innovation activities that changed each hour, ending in an awards ceremony that featured prizes and an extra spark from the Clarkson pep band!

Find out how you can get involved in Ignite Fest 2018 by contacting Erin Draper.

939 Conversations between students & resource partners. That's more than 5 conversations/minute for three straight hours!

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