New Hire Orientation

The Clarkson New Hire Orientation helps  explain Clarkson’s history, mission, vision, values and goals and meet the University’s experienced leaders and teams. 

The day long orientation program helps new employees understand the campus, the policies and processes. Orientation also provides information on applicable laws and benefits so that employees are in possession of the knowledge and tools that will help them integrate and be successful in their roles. To get the most value out of the orientation, we highly recommend full participation throughout the entire day. Completion of some mandatory online training modules is a part of the orientation program.

The individual departmental training helps the new employee understand their role and responsibilities and how the employee’s role at the institution helps the University accomplish its goals. 

The new employee learning experience is measured through Stay Interviews and other metrics.

Required/Mandatory Training 2020-21

Keeping in mind the need to understand University policies and legal, regulatory and general compliance requirements, we are happy to announce the required Training Plan for this year. 

The Training courses for Fall 2020 will focus on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). We will hold community online meetings to debrief and engage in meaningful discussion of the different topics discussed that will include facilitator-led programs and mentoring programs to promote education and understanding of different identities and experiences present in our campus. These programs endeavor to help our employees become more aware and to motivate positive behaviors and attitudes that are essential for creating and maintaining a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace where we all have a sense of belonging. Spring 2021 will focus on Health, Safety and Security. Clarkson is committed to providing a safe and healthy campus and employee awareness of health, safety and security matters is important for its overall effectiveness.
Employees will be automatically enrolled during the semester for the online self-paced required training courses through our learning portal. To make the training as convenient and efficient as possible, it can be completed on most smartphones, tablets and computers. 

Click here to see the training schedule.

Other Learning Courses

  • Leadership Training
  • Professional Development Courses
  • Manager Training
  • Diversity Training
  • Safety Training