Get your MBA on your schedule.

Get your MBA in nine months, even if you've never taken a business course.

Clarkson's accelerated MBA program starts in August. You graduate in May.

In addition to our nine-month program, we also offer options that take you from your first class to graduation in one calendar year, 18 months or two years.

Clarkson offers MBA dual degrees with Data Science and Environmental Policy to support your career goals.

Your degree is a valued business credential.

By earning the Clarkson MBA, you demonstrate your uncompromising work ethic. You master an advanced curriculum developed with industry and have proven your ability to solve real-world problems. From corporate offices to independent start ups, you become sought after because you excel. If you're ready to lead and take on new challenges, then it's time to make the future you want.

The Clarkson MBA makes you a stronger candidate for the job you want.

Clarkson's Reh School of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Known worldwide, AACSB International challenges educators to pursue excellence and continuous improvement throughout their business programs.

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Clarkson's Master of Business Administration

MBA Curriculum

Clarkson’s 38-credit residential MBA program gives you a solid business foundation with enough electives to tailor your MBA to your career goals. You’ll study theory and practical business application, develop critical leadership and problem-solving skills, and tackle multifaceted, real-world problems, preparing you for success in today’s ever-changing economy. You can use your electives to complete a study track in an area of interest, earn a dual degree in Environmental Policy or Data Science, or study abroad for a semester.


Master of Business Administration Curriculum

The Residential MBA consists of foundation courses in 10 specified areas and 38 credit hours of advanced graduate work. Students with undergraduate business majors will waive most or all of the foundation courses.

Through careful planning, students with backgrounds in engineering, liberal arts, or science may complete the foundation courses as part of an undergraduate minor or through pursuing the Summer Business Concepts program offered online, preceding the start of the regular fall semester. Articulation agreements, which specify acceptable foundation courses, exist for Clarkson’s engineering and science programs and a number of universities in the United States and Canada.

The foundation includes the following subjects:

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Business Law
  • Organizational behavior
  • Marketing
  • Operations and production management
  • Quantitative methods/statistics
  • Financial and managerial accounting
  • Information technology
  • Corporate finance


Curriculum (16 courses, 38 credits)

Beyond the foundation, the 38 credits of the Residential MBA degree program consist of 10 2-credit interrelated core modules, five 3-credit graduate elective courses, and a 3-credit experiential course. The core modules stress business functions, emphasizing the development of communication, interpersonal and managerial skills.

Core Modules

Required courses for the program are:

  • AC603 Management Accounting
  • OM606 Supply Chain Management
  • EC604 Applied Economics
  • OS608 Organizational Behavior & Performance Management
  • FN607 Financial Management
  • OS610 Strategic Planning
  • IS605 Information Systems
  • MK609 Marketing Management
  • OM602 Decision Analysis and Supply Chain Modeling
  • SB609 Corporate Ethical Decision Making

A Strategic Planning module (2 credits) is offered as a 12-week course during the spring semester or as an accelerated winter semester online course. The other modules are taught for seven weeks each during the fall semester.

Experiential Course

Experiential learning is a strong part of Clarkson's culture so each student participating in the Residential MBA program is required to take a 3-credit-hour experiential course. Currently, the experiential requirement can be satisfied by participating in the Global Business Program or by taking the SB696 Global Business Strategies course. 

The Global Business Program offers several options that are designed to give you knowledge and new perspectives regarding international business, helping you develop critical skills necessary to compete and succeed in the global market. The most popular Global Business Program option is the course that includes a 2- to 3-week trip to an international destination, often led by the faculty from that area. This course offers a unique opportunity to explore business outside the traditional classroom boundaries and to provide a unique experience to your resume. This course also helps students explore the global management issues facing business leaders and organizations in different parts of the world.

Electives Include*:

  • AC623 Financial Statement Analysis
  • AC636 Auditing
  • AC648 Seminar in Accounting Information Systems and Auditing
  • AC650 Accounting Research and Theory
  • EC660 Environmental Economics
  • EC651 Industrial Organization in Supply Chain
  • FN680 Strategic Financial Management
  • MK689 New Product Marketing
  • MK696 Marketing Methods
  • OM676 Developing and Managing Technology
  • OM680 Strategic Project Management
  • OM685 Quality Management and Process Improvement
  • OM671 Supply Chain Environmental Management
  • OS657 Leading Organizational Change
  • OS666 Negotiations and Relationship Management
  • SB658 Bridging the Innovation Gap
  • SB678 Inventive Practices
  • SB693 Seminar in International Business
  • SB696 Advanced Topics in Supply Chain Management
*This list is one that represents electives that have been offered over the past several years and is provided for example purposes only. Some courses listed may not be offered each year.
Global Specialty Track

Global Specialty Track

The Global Specialty Track Residential MBA follows the same curriculum structure and has the same foundation requirements as the regular Residential MBA program, with students completing up to six courses abroad during their spring semester at one of the partner AACSB-accredited institutions. Students starting in the spring semester cannot participate in the Global Track program in their first semester.

Our partner schools are:

IÉSEG School of Management, France

KEDGE Business School, France

ESSCA School of Management, China

CityU of Hong Kong

Monash University, Australia

Earn a Dual Degree

Earn a Dual Degree

MBA/MS in Applied Data Science

The Master of Business Administration (MBA)/Master
of Science (MS) in Applied Data Science dual-degree
program provides an opportunity for students to combine
two highly sought-after skill sets. This program prepares
graduates with strong business acumen by teaching
them how to identify and manage large amounts of data
and how to apply this knowledge to strategic business
decisions. Students will complete the core interrelated
modules within the accelerated residential MBA program
in the first year, while, at the same time, beginning
coursework in Applied Data Science immediately within
the framework of the MBA schedule. In the Applied Data
Science program, students will acquire a common set of
key critical skills in areas of data management, decision
analysis, statistics, data mining and knowledge discovery.

The program is 55-57 credits of coursework whereby 24 credits is unique to Applied Data Science, 21 credits of MBA coursework, and then up to 12 credits of shared elective coursework. 

MBA/MS in Environmental Policy

Clarkson’s two-year dual-degree program leading to a Master of
Science in Environmental Policy (MSEP) degree and a Master
of Business Administration (MBA) degree integrates the study
of the function and management of complex environmental
systems. The MSEP coursework prepares students to understand
and negotiate the complex process of policymaking in order to
promote science-based environmental policy regulations. The
MBA program coursework emphasizes teamwork, leadership and
managerial skills. Classes, projects and other opportunities focus
on the development of effective communication skills, including
oral, written and multimedia methods. Together, the MSEP and
MBA dual-degrees prepare exceptional leaders to solve the most
challenging environmental issues of today and the future.

The program consists of 50-52 credits of coursework where by 15-17 credits are unique to Environmental Policy, 23 credits of MBA coursework, and then 12 credits of shared elective coursework.

One Year MBA Clarkson


An MBA Alum's Perspective

Clarkson’s accelerated, residential MBA boasts a 100 percent job placement rate within six months of graduation, and it’s become clear to me why that is. With the high quality education we are presented with and the opportunity to excel and grow, we leave Clarkson with skills that allow us to excel in many fields.

Stephen Lewis '18, MBA & MS in Data Analytics dual degree

Stephen Lewis '18, MBA

Read MBA alumnus Stephen Lewis's blog post: "A Dual Degree Perspective."

Career Outlook

Market Demand
Class of 2022 Graduate Programs Placement Rate of 98%

A Clarkson Master of Business Administration degree can lead to higher salary potential that quickly provide return on investment for the degree. Clarkson boasts a 98% placement rate within 3 months of graduation. Clarkson’s 2021 graduates went on to careers in Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Target, General Dynamics, and more. MBA students at Clarkson reported higher starting salaries, ranging up to 80k+ in starting salary.

According to the GMAC 2021 Alumni Perspectives survey, 87% of MBA graduates reported an increase in employability after completing a degree, while 79% reported increase in earnings power. Long term, GMAC’s Corporate Recruiters survey indicates MBA grads achieve salaries of $50,000 more per year than those with only a bachelor’s degree. 

Take it from Sean Cheung, a 2017 graduate of our residential MBA program:
“With the opportunities the Clarkson MBA has presented, I now find myself working at a hyper growth tech company out in Silicon Valley as a technology consultant implementing our technology with world renown organizations such as Blue Origin, Twitch, Lyft, Nvidia, and many more.

General Admission Requirements

Update: all standardized test score requirements will be waived through December 31, 2023.

An application includes:

  • Completed online application
  • Transcripts from all institution(s) attended
  • GMAT/GRE scores (see full checklist for information about substitutions and waivers)
  • Resume or C.V.
  • Statement of purpose
  • 2 letters of recommendation

International applicants also need:

  • English Proficiency Testing (see full checklist for options)
  • U.S. Bachelor’s equivalency 
  • Certificate of finance to receive an I-20

For a comprehensive review of application requirements, please visit the full checklist of Admissions Requirements for Graduate Business Programs.

Start Your Application

Students applying that satisfy ONE of the below criteria are eligible for automatic admission into our graduate business programs:

1) An undergraduate GPA of 3.3 or higher from a regionally accredited college.

2) An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher AND a GMAT score of 500 or higher.

3) A master's degree or above from a regionally accredited college.

*Auto-admit criteria are for admissions purposes only. Full scholarship considerations should include a complete application. Applies only to regional accredited institutions in the United States. All other applicants will follow the prescribed requirements.

Listen in as Joshua LaFave, Director of Graduate Business Programs, explains the One Year MBA program at Clarkson University.  


Merit-Based Graduate Business Program Scholarships

All students applying for Reh School of Business graduate programs will automatically be considered for merit-based scholarships (degree programs only) and do not need to fill out a separate scholarship application. As long as funds are available, scholarships are given based on overall merits and strengths of the application.

Early Decision Award for Residential Business Programs

If you are an applicant who commits to Reh for a residential, cohort-based business one-year program (e.g. Potsdam-based MBA and CRC based Healthcare MBA) by the deadlines listed below, you will be eligible (upon enrollment in the program) to. receive an additional “Commit to Reh” award.
Commitment Deadlines:

● Summer and Fall Quarter Start (Healthcare MBA): March 1st

● Spring Semester (Potsdam-based MBA): November 1st

● Fall Semester (Potsdam-based MBA): March 1st

Additional Scholarship Policies

● Candidates who have the GMAT (or equivalent) requirement waived as part of their application may still be considered for a merit-based scholarship. Levels will be based upon the overall merits of the application.

● Scholarship awards are for the full duration of enrollment in the program of study. Actual awards each semester/quarter are prorated based on credits pursued for that semester/quarter.

● Applicants who are receiving an employer benefit must select either the discount rate available through Clarkson’s agreement with their employer, or the merit-based scholarship award (the higher of the two), but not both.

● If a candidate receives course waivers, merit scholarships may still be awarded, however the award will be adjusted based upon actual total credits pursued for that program.

Aidan Frank
"The ROI I received from the Clarkson MBA exceeded my expectations. A one year investment in myself led to significantly higher earnings and expanded career opportunities. The classes and professors have sharpened my decision making and analytical capabilities."

Aidan Frank '19

Carolyn Spittler picture
"The Clarkson Reh MBA was the right choice for me because it provided the hands-on experience; I had been searching for in a master's program. As graduate students, we were given the opportunity to develop our own start-up businesses while making executive decisions. In one year, this program has provided me with the tools to expand my capabilities and seek out new opportunities. With a smaller classroom size, I’ve made lifelong friendships and excellent connections that have aided me throughout my career search.”

Carolyn Spittler '22

Dana Tripp Picture
"My intention as a professional seeking an MBA is striving to learn more about the “Business” world after having a concentrated background in the environmental and forestry fields. The Reh School of Business provides superior advancements to one’s education with real world application while still having the small school atmosphere which made my choice to come here an easy one.”

Dana Tripp '22

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