Business, Advanced Certificates

Business, Advanced Certificates

Earn an Advanced Certificate in Business

Advanced certificate programs are designed to further your existing knowledge in a current subject area. Clarkson offers advanced business certificates in a variety of areas described below.

The principles behind supply chain management focus on developing seamless flows of raw materials, products/services, information, and financial capital. The supply chain starts at the initial design process, and includes raw material sourcing, logistics, and continues through the delivery of that product or service to the end customer, with a goal of creating customer satisfaction at optimal cost.

The Business Fundamentals Certificate program is designed for working professionals who do not have an undergraduate business degree but could benefit from focused knowledge and skills in the areas of accounting, finance, operations, marketing, management and IT. Successful professionals are expected to be conversant in these areas and may be limited in their career growth without this fundamental business knowledge. The Business Fundamentals Certificate courses are part of the core MBA curriculum; therefore, all courses can be applied to an MBA should you wish to continue with the MBA degree program. View the Curriculum Sheet

Healthcare has quickly become one of the largest industries in the U.S. economy, characterized by rapid change and a need for management talent that will extend into the foreseeable future. The Certificate in Healthcare Management program will immerse you in essential business concepts within healthcare, preparing you for opportunities in this fast-growing field. This certificate program is designed for individuals currently working in healthcare (physicians, managers, nurses, pharmacists, healthcare providers and health plan staff) and for others interested in applying the latest business and management concepts to the ever-changing world of healthcare. View the Curriculum Sheet

Get the skills to anticipate, develop and actualize successful new products and business models. Understand how market- and technology-driven innovations happen and how to manage both. You already know what venture capital is — here, you’ll learn how to manage it by examining the intricacies of complex financial tools that successfully commercialize new ideas.

The Certificate Program in Human Resource Management will provide the educational background necessary to make informed decisions in management as related to human resource issues. The certificate holder will have the resources for strategic critical thinking necessary to optimize the human resources of an organization.

The Certificate in Management and Leadership is designed to give entry and middle level managers the core business skills in organizational processes, change management, resource management and leadership. It is focused on assisting managers and executives in enhancing their management and leadership skills in order to positively affect their current organization and provide them career advancement potential.

Data Analytics, commonly known as “Big Data”, is one of the highest skills in demand in today’s marketplace. Organizations across industries collect large amounts of data for a variety of reasons: to gain a competitive advantage, to improve the efficiency of operations, to reduce fraud/waste/abuse, to better understand customers, and a variety of other skills. These courses are designed to provide you with insights into the use of big data for strategic decision making, and is a pathway into the MS, Applied Data Science program, where 9 credits of coursework completed in the MBA.

The demands of a growing population are straining our environment. Organizations need professionals who can effectively and efficiently integrate sustainability and business. With this certificate, you will develop proficiency in drafting and assessing strategies that benefit both the environment and economy. Topics of study include green marketing, risk management and supply chain practices.

The certificates in business fundamentals and healthcare management also provide students with an alternative pathway to admission into the MBA and Healthcare Management MBA programs, respectively. If you have thought any of the following, this pathway might be right for you:

  • I want to get started right away without taking an admission test.
  • I want to be considered for admission into the MBA program based on my performance in core MBA courses.
  • I’m not sure if I want to complete an entire MBA, but I would like to learn core business principles in a short amount of time and still be able to apply all my course work should I choose to go on for the MBA.
  • I want to try out the MBA program by taking courses that I can use for a valuable and recognized credential, even if I decide not to complete the entire MBA.
  1. Applicants will be assigned an advisor as soon as the application is received. The application will not go to the Graduate Admission Committee for an admission decision; rather, applicants will be screened by their advisors.
  2. The advisor will meet with the student and explain the pathway. If both agree that this pathway is good for the student, together they will develop a plan of study that best meets the student’s needs.
  3. The student may then begin taking classes according to the plan.
  4. If the student receives a grade of C (or below) in any course, the student will be automatically removed from the pathway and from the certificate program. If removed, a student may appeal to be reinstated. The appeal will go to the admission committee and essentially be treated as a normal application; they may reinstate, deny reinstatement or request that the student take the GMAT admission test prior to making a decision.
  5. If the student completes the certificate with no C’s (or below) and an overall GPA > 3.2, the student will be automatically admitted to the MBA program (if desired) and will not have to go before the admission committee. Students not meeting these criteria may still apply for the MBA but will go through the normal MBA admission process.
  6. Students who complete at least three courses toward the certificate with a GPA > 3.7 will be eligible for early pathway admission, and upon request, will be automatically admitted to the MBA program without going through the normal admission decision process.



BS/BA equivalent.

A complete application file consists of the following items:

  • Application form.
  • Resume and statement of purpose.
  • Letters of recommendation — three letters required.
  • Official transcripts.
  • TOEFL/IELTS (if applicable).
  • GMAT/GRE is not required to apply for Business, Advanced Certificates.

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