Past Global Business Program Trips

While our Global Business Program trips vary from year to year, many of our destinations have become staples of the program. Here is a sampling of trips led in recent years.

Southeast Asia

Visiting four cities in three countries in less than two weeks, the Southeast Asia trip explored the culture and business climate in one of the most economically and culturally dynamic regions of the world. Countries visited included Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

2019 Southeast Asia Trip Blog


Visits to the Italian cities of Bologna, Florence and Rome were the highlights of the Italy trip. With its high end industries like fashion, automobiles and wine, students were able to learn more about Italian businesses and sample some of their products, too. A tour of the Vatican topped off the trip!

Uganda & Kenya

On this trip focused on socioeconomics development in East Africa, students were exposed to the challenges and opportunities of working in a globally diverse and integrated marketplace. Students visited a cross-section of businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as social and cultural locales. 

Shanghai and Beijing, China

This 10-day trip featured stops in Shanghai and Beijing, China, visiting companies to better understand "doing business in China," going to universities to meet Chinese business students, having authentic Chinese cuisine and of course, climbing the Great Wall. 


On this trip, students visited President Tony Collins' home country of Australia. Experiences included: meeting with innovative companies utilizing cutting edge business practices; traveling to Cairns to visit the Tjapukai Aboriginal Village; getting up close to kangaroos, penguins and koalas; snorkeling and scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef; touring Melbourne and Monash University (Pres. Collins' alma mater!); and stopping in Sydney to tour the Sydney Opera House and climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

2019 Australia Trip Blog

Munich & Prague

During this trip to Germany and the Czech Republic, students visited various types of companies to better understand their business cultures and practices. They took in the famed architecture, were inspired by the likes of Wagner, Strauss and Klee, visited Nuremberg and toured the baroque buildings, gothic churches and quaint streets of these timeless cities.

South America

Students on this trip made stops in Santiago, Chile, Mendoza and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the famous Iguazu Falls. The nearly two week trip included meetings with a vast array of companies, from local small business owners, to one of the largest wine producers in the world, to business incubators and IBM. Students also enjoyed several cultural activities along the way.


On this trip, students exxplored the influence of culture, politics, institutions and history on doing business in Croatia. They toured the country, meeting Croatian businesspeople, from small business owners to firm managers, economists, members of the US Foreign Service, students and journalists. They also saw beautiful landmarks along the way.