Diversity & Inclusion at Clarkson

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Clarkson welcomes scholars from all over the world. We believe it is essential to our mission that our students and employees be Global Citizens. In order to build and support a community of Global Citizens, the University has developed a strategic set of goals for Diversity and Inclusion focused on this mission. These goals are overseen by the Chief Inclusion Officer, the Climate and Engagement Committee and the Diversity and Inclusion Five Council, which meets with the President.





Teaching & Learning

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The Office for Teaching and Learning for Diversity and Inclusion is dedicated to supporting Clarkson faculty in their efforts to be excellent teachers and facilitators of classrooms that are welcoming and attuned to the needs of our students. The Office supports efforts to develop a curriculum and co-curricular activities that enhance the campus as a community and learning environment for everyone. Finally, the Office is a meeting place for faculty and those responsible for administering initiatives and programs in Diversity and Inclusion.



  • The Office for Teaching and Learning for Diversity and Inclusion (OTLDI) will host workshops dedicated to classroom management, syllabus design, pedagogy enhancement, and negotiating the kinds of issues and problems even experienced faculty face while trying to create a diverse, safe and welcoming classroom atmosphere conducive for effective learning. 
  • The OTLDI will host trainings for new faculty, and for key figures in faculty development: Deans and Chairs. These training will be coordinated and shared with similar offices on the four campuses in our area.
  • The OTLDI will respond directly to emerging faculty needs, and work closely with the various Diversity and Inclusion offices and initiatives on the Clarkson campus.
  • The OTLDI will work closely with offices and decision makers seeking to develop a more inclusive curriculum across the campus, including classes designed to enhance a Clarkson student’s ability to negotiate diverse and inclusive workplaces and graduate programs, while cultivating the skills and vision necessary to be a global citizen.

Student Engagement & Development

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A key element in student and community engagement is the Diversity & Inclusion Lounge, a collaborative and supportive hub for curricular, co-curricular and community initiatives. Overseen by the Chief Inclusion Officer and the Director of Student Diversity & Inclusion Services, it produces programming that both celebrates the diversity of cultures on campus and educates our communities to be culturally competent. The director also oversees our Professional Societies to develop underrepresented students into leaders in their professions. 

Visit our Student Diversity and Inclusion Services Site



Academic Support

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Student Success, Diversity and Inclusion provides academic support and professional development that leads to success for all of our students. We offer several resources to help students navigate the pathway to career readiness and degree completion.





Human Resources & Employee Inclusion

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Human Resources focuses on recruitment, onboarding, training and professional development. The goal is a campus community where all are welcomed and valued members who contribute to the development of global citizenship by promoting a diverse and inclusive environment. 

Clarkson takes a personal approach to employee needs and will happily discuss any questions or concerns with current or potential employees. Here are some general links and contact persons that may be of interest.



Strategic Planning

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Clarkson University has a strategic plan, Clarkson at 125, in order to meet the needs of our students, faculty and staff. It lays out the following goals:

  • Increase the number of underrepresented students and staff
  • Professionally develop our students and employees to be global citizens

To reach these goals, the Chief Inclusion Officer, in collaboration with the Climate & Engagement Committee and the DI5 Council, has an operational strategic plan focused on recruitment, retention, onboarding, training, professional development, programming, curriculum and institutional change management. 

Inclusion, Equity, and Non-Discrimination Questions and Concerns

Contact us to find resources and support, report harassment and discrimination, or discuss concerns and solutions.



The Climate & Engagement Committee serves as the university committee to review and advise on issues of diversity, inclusion, climate and engagement.  It is drawn from employees and students throughout the universities campuses.

The Diversity and Inclusion 5 is the committee comprised of the five areas of Chief Inclusion Officer, the Director of Teaching & Learning, the Director of Student Diversity & Inclusion Services, the Associate Vice President of Student Success, Diversity & Inclusion and the Chief Human Resources & Employee Inclusion Officer. They are the professionals tasked with executing the strategic plan.  They meet regularly with the president to oversee this mission.


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