The Study of Dynamic Covalent Exchange in Methacrylic Anhydride Copolymers

Arielle L. Santefort, Chemistry Graduate Student, Clarkson University
3:30 PM October 23, 2020

Arielle Santefort

Covalent adaptable networks (CANS) have risen in popularity due to their thermoplastic like processability while retaining thermoset characteristics such as chemical resistance and thermomechanical stability. Polyanhydrides are an example of an intrinsic CAN capable of undergoing dynamic covalent exchange with the added benefit of surface eroding hydrolysis for biomedical applications. Additionally, photo initiation allows for the formation of highly crosslinked materials without the harsh conditions of polycondensation reactions plagued by disproportionation, oligomerization or cyclization of the anhydride. In this study, methacrylic anhydride is copolymerized to probe the anhydride dynamic covalent exchange through altering the anhydride environment. Dynamic covalent exchange is assessed through the recyclability of the newly developed polymers. During the recycle process, dynamic covalent exchange between two adjacent anhydride moieties results in the generation of a cyclic species responsible for the changes seen in infrared spectroscopy and thermomechanical behaviors.

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