Pre-Law (Advising Track)

Pre-Law (Advising Track)

Your Path to Law School Begins Here

If you have your sights set on law school, Clarkson University's Pre-Law Advising Track can help you get there. Take courses to develop your legal skills and set yourself apart with a major of your choice. Participate in internships and other educational experiences to build your résumé. Explore your options after graduation. All under the personalized guidance of a supportive advising team.

Why Choose the Pre-Law Advising Track at Clarkson?

Our goal is to help you achieve your dreams in the legal profession by guiding you before you even apply to law school. When you begin your course of pre-law studies, usually in your second year, you will be assigned a pre-law student advisor, who will help you find courses relevant to your interests in the field. They will also help you find the resources you need to help boost your résumé, like high-quality internships and extracurricular programs.

You will gain a foundation in legal skills through classes in business, law, communications, literature, history and political science. You can also gain a competitive edge by taking advantage of our robust offerings in business, engineering and science. With the many tech resources you have at your fingertips, you can learn how they interact with the law. Our renowned faculty can also offer mentorship and personalized attention in our small class sizes.

We have partnerships with law schools and other institutions that can accelerate your career. Whatever your path may be, you will graduate prepared for the future.

What You'll Learn

  • Areas of law
  • Close reading and analysis
  • Communication
  • Perspectives of law
  • Policy
  • Social issues
  • Writing persuasive opinions and arguments

Student advising plays an essential role in our pre-law track. As a student, you will be assigned an advisor who will work with you to design a personalized course of study to reach your goals. You will also have a team across the University to help you develop meaningful credentials, study for placement exams and successfully apply to the programs of your choosing. Every student has a personalized experience to reach their individual goals. Learn more about advising at Clarkson.

The pre-law program is open to all majors at Clarkson. Some of the most popular majors for pre-law undergraduate students are:

Pre-Law undergraduate students also choose minors such as:

Regardless of their course of study, students looking ahead to law school are encouraged to use their electives to expand their cultural perspective, improve their written and oral communication skills and hone a discerning, analytical mindset.

The law studies minor is open to any student at Clarkson but is especially beneficial if you are interested in law school. The 18-credit-hour program offers an overview of law theory, different areas of law, communication techniques, policy and social issues. In addition to coursework, the minor also includes a portfolio requirement. Learn more about the minor in law studies.

Internships and co-ops offer you the opportunity to build your résumé with pre-professional experience. The Career Center can help you find internships at law firms or arrange a semester of co-op experience.

Spend a semester as a student in the nation's capital. Thanks to a partnership between Clarkson and American University, you can take classes and participate in extraordinary internships at places like the World Bank, NBC, Greenpeace and Homeland Security and/or as a legislative aide to members of Congress. Learn more about the program, including how to apply.

Clarkson offers a four-year JD/MBA joint program with Albany Law School (ALS). Students spend their first year in law studies at ALS, their second year in management studies at Clarkson and their third and fourth years in law and management studies.

Career Possibilities

The experiences and knowledge gained through the pre-law track pave the way toward careers in:

  • Business
  • Criminal justice
  • Law, either as a lawyer or paralegal
  • Law enforcement
  • Nonprofit management
  • Policy analysis
  • Politics

Graduate School

Our Pre-Law Advising Track graduates have gone on to graduate and professional programs in public law and policy, social work or other related areas.

Contact Us

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Phone: 315-268-6410

Interested in learning more about the Pre-Law Advising Track at Clarkson? Contact the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences today with your questions.

Matthew Flynn '14 - J.D., Assistant County Attorney, Merrimack County Attorney’s Office, New Hampshire

"My time at Clarkson taught me not only to understand the legal reasoning of constitutional law, but also the historical backdrop and policy reasons for why our framers choose this text and this document. I’ve met many professionals who claim to be experts on our nation’s founding, and Clarkson Professor Christopher Robinson is among the best. I first met him during Clarkson's Project Challenge program when I was still in high school. After our first class, I knew that Clarkson was my first choice for college. Our first homework assignment was reading Texas v. Johnson (the Supreme Court case that held that burning the U.S. flag is protected by the First Amendment). I arrived at our class infuriated. I questioned the legality of burning the flag and thought the punishment for doing so should be severe. I’m still patriotic and still believe that burning the flag is wrong, yet Prof. Robinson, through open discourse and thoughtful conversation, taught me the true legal significance of the First Amendment. That is to say that if my neighbor’s speech is limited today, mine will certainly be limited in the future. I truly believe that the Clarkson experience produces superior attorneys."

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