Summer Research

As an Honors student, you can participate in our unique, five-week pre-frosh summer program. We pair you with a faculty mentor, organize social events, and offer professional development. Honors covers the cost of your room on campus and provides you a weekly stipend for food. The summer culminates with you sharing your work at the Research and Presentation Showcase (RAPS). By the end of the program, you will have a connection to a faculty mentor, hands-on research experience, a presentation under your belt, and new Honors friends.

You can opt to take part in the Honors 10-week summer program for current students after your first, second, or third year (or all three), where you can continue to work with the same pre-frosh mentor or build a relationship with a different faculty member you’ve met through your coursework. Like the pre-frosh program, Honors covers your room and board, offers workshops and social events, and prepares you to share your work at the Research and Project Showcase.

Interested? Check your Honors email for a link to the application. Applications open every spring for the Honors Summer Research experiences.

The summer pre-frosh research was an amazing experience. I would do it again hands down. You get the experience of working in a lab and a team before you start your time at Clarkson. At the end of the summer you present at the Research and Project Showcase where you get to tell people all about your work. You learn how to write a scientific paper and also you can work on your public speaking skills through the summer pre-frosh research. The program not only helps you academically, but also socially. I made some amazing friends who made the first week of classes easier."

- Robert Davis '26
CTA Block