Pension & Retirement

Through our partnership with our retirement plan administrator, TIAA, Clarkson University provides a retirement benefit to our employees. Upon reaching the two-year anniversary, employees will begin receiving a University contribution of 9.6% of their regular bi-weekly salary toward their retirement.

Mandatory Retirement Plan

  • Mandatory participation the first day of the month after completion of two full time years of service
  • Employees contribute 4.8% of regular salary bi-weekly and
  • Clarkson matches the contribution at 9.6% of regular salary bi-weekly


  • New hires can enroll in a SUPPLEMENTAL PRE-TAX or ROTH POST-TAX pension plan(s)
  • No Clarkson match
  • To set up a voluntary contribution, please log on to 

Eligibility to Waive Two-Year Waiting Period

  • Employees may waive the two-year waiting period if they:
    • Prior employer (immediately preceding) was a not-for-profit institution of higher education
    • Employee was vested in prior employers retirement benefit
  • Benefit is not retroactive
  • Pension Verification Form must be filled out by prior employer and employee
  • Mandatory retirement plan will begin once the completed form is returned to human resources

403B Retirement Benefits

One-on-one Assistance
TIAA also offers personalized financial planning services to help you reach your retirement goals at no cost. You can receive advice online and by phone.

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