Clarkson University to Transfer 16 Teaching Programs to Siena College

March 4, 2024

Clarkson University and Siena College have announced an agreement to transfer Clarkson’s master of arts in teaching degree and other graduate-level teacher education offerings to Siena. Both institutions expect this to take effect in June.

Front of Clarkson University's Capital Region Campus building.

As part of the agreement between the two private higher education institutions, Clarkson and Siena will provide a seamless transition for approximately 100 students currently enrolled in the fully-accredited master’s and certificate programs over the coming months. Eight full-time Clarkson faculty and administrators will also transfer to Siena.

According to Clarkson President Marc P. Christensen, Ph.D., P.E., the transfer is the result of recent strategic planning conducted by the university.

“We made a pivotal decision to refine our identity and align ourselves to our founding and ongoing historical technological mission,” said Christensen. “In 2016, Clarkson bolstered its ties to regional industry by acquiring Union Graduate College with its engineering and business programs, which complemented the academic offerings of Clarkson. In that same acquisition, the longstanding education programs of Union Graduate College also became a part of Clarkson. During the past eight years, the education programs have provided a much-needed source of exceptional teaching talent for regional schools.  As we strategically focused, we decided to find a new home for those programs at an institution that could leverage a ready pipeline of undergraduate students interested in K-12 education careers and create opportunities to expand offerings that will address the enormous demand for teachers in New York state and across the nation. We have found that institution and it is Siena College.”

The adoption of the teacher education programs also fits with Siena’s strategic plan to develop mission-aligned graduate degree opportunities with high market and workforce demand.

“This represents an excellent opportunity for Siena to respond to the tremendous need for teacher education in the Capital Region by integrating a nationally-recognized, fully-accredited suite of programs into its current teacher education offerings,” said Siena President Chuck Seifert, Ph.D. “These programs are vital to secondary schools throughout the area and beyond.”

The distinguishing feature of the master of arts in teaching program is the full-year teacher residency, where candidates work side-by-side with individually selected mentor teachers who receive specialized training from the program.  

In addition to the master of arts in teaching, Siena will also add a master of arts in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), and a master of arts in curriculum and instruction. Courses will be offered with in-person, hybrid and online modalities, depending on the program.

“I am pleased that the master of arts in teaching program has found such a warm and receptive home at my alma mater, Siena,” said Clarkson Provost Christopher C. Robinson, Ph.D. “As educators, we recognize and appreciate the societal value of training future teachers. We are excited to have found a partner who can nurture the program and continue to offer this critical service. These programs are well established and have committed alumni who will support them in many ways, including by mentoring new students and early career graduates.”

“Demand for K-12 teachers is at an all-time high,” said Siena Provost Margaret Madden, Ph.D. “Siena’s newly-enhanced programming will have a large and positive impact on education in the region by graduating thoroughly-prepared new teachers ready to face the challenges of today’s classrooms.”

The administrators noted that the master of arts in teaching program currently has a 100 percent job placement rate, with an exceptionally high industry five-year retention rate of 93 percent, compared to 50-80 percent nationally.
Clarkson and Siena are also collaborating on developing additional pathways for certification and advanced study for Siena alumni. Siena currently has a nationally accredited undergraduate teacher preparation program and a robust minor in educational studies. Students who complete these programs will now be poised to move directly into a master’s program to earn additional credentials in education.

The graduate teacher preparation programs are currently offered at Clarkson’s Capital Region Campus in Schenectady, and were originally acquired by Clarkson in 2016 from Union Graduate College. The master of arts in teaching program was developed by Union in 1989, and since then more than 800 teachers have earned the degree, 500 of whom currently teach in the Capital Region.

The sixteen programs transferring from Clarkson to Siena fall into four categories:

Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)

  • M.A.T., Adolescent Education - includes grades 7-12 certification pathways in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Computer Science (K-12), Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Latin, Russian, or Spanish.
  • M.A.T., Business and Marketing - grades K-12
  • M.A.T., Technology - grades K-12

Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MAT ESOL)

  • M.A.T., ESOL - grades K-12
  • Certificate of Advanced Study, ESOL (CAS ESOL)
  • Certificate of Advanced Study, ESOL - Clinically Rich Intensive Teaching Institute (CAS ESOL)

Extension Programs

  • Middle Childhood Extension - a 6-credit extension program for individuals certified in secondary disciplines who wish to extend their certification to 5th grade.
  • Career Awareness and Career Development Extension - a 6-credit extension typically sought by individuals certified to teach Business and Marketing. This extension program allows teachers to develop and facilitate work-related internship programs within their schools
  • Foreign Language Elementary School Extension (FLES Extension) - a 3-credit extension program for world language teachers seeking to extend their certification to first grade


  • Master of Arts, Curriculum and Instruction (MA C & I)
  • Certificate of Advanced Study, Curriculum and Instruction (CAS C & I)
  • Certificate of Advanced Study, Teacher Leadership and National Board (CAS NB)

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