How much will the program cost? Is there additional costs?
The tuition for Horizons I and II is $700. The tuition for Horizons III is $750. The program tuition includes housing, food, all instructional materials and costs for any field trips. Travel to and from the program is not included in the tuition. There are no additional fees to attend the program. 

Can I select my daughter’s roommate?
Due to camp policy, we do not honor room requests. All roommate assignments are done randomly. This does not mean that your daughter will not see the person she wishes to room with. The program’s schedule is made to allow all of the participants to see each other and have opportunities to hang out with one another throughout the week.

What is the staff to camper ratio?
On average there is 1 program assistant for every 10-12 participants.

Are campers supervised at night?
Yes. Students will have program assistants that are assigned to their group. These program assistants will be with the participants throughout the day and have their own room located on the same floor as the participants. Program assistants remain with the participants throughout the night and are able to be reached should a participant need them. Participants are made aware of the room numbers and locations of the program assistants assigned to their group on the first day they arrive to the campus.

Is there financial aid/scholarship opportunities for my daughter?
Yes, the Horizons Program does have a limited number of partial scholarships for families who cannot afford the program. We try to ensure that we can assist as many families as possible. To find out more about scholarship opportunities, we ask that the family of the participant contacts the Horizons office via phone or email. For Horizons alumni, there is also a scholarship opportunity through Clarkson University should they attend for their college career.

Can my daughter leave campus?
No. Unless there is a scheduled field trip, your daughter will not be permitted to leave the campus. This means that once your daughter is checked into the program, she must remain with her Program Assistants until she is checked out.

How does the camp accommodate special needs?
Horizons works to accommodate the needs of all participants. If a student indicates they are specific food restrictions (religious restrictions, vegan, vegetarian etc.), we work with Aramark so that there are food options for them. We want every participant to have nutritious and filling food options for their stay at the Horizons Program. If there is an allergy, the proper accommodations will be made to ensure that there is as little chance for cross contamination as possible. If we believe we cannot confidently accommodate your daughter’s needs we will work with parents directly to find alternative solutions.

There is medical staff on campus during the duration of the Horizons Program. The medical staff manages medical accommodations such as if a camper has a daily medication they must take (this includes allergy medication, birth control, etc.).

Where do our Horizon’s campers come from?
Our largest concentration of participants come from New York State

What is the average daily schedule?
On average, Horizons participants have a full schedule with breakfast from 7-8 am and ends with lights out at 10 p.m. Throughout the day the participants will have a variety of classes, activities, personal time, and meal times. The activities, intensity of the program, and classes vary depending on which Horizons Program the participant is in, with Horizons III being the most intense.

What is your electronics policy?
Cell phones, iPods, media players, iPads, tablets, and other similar small electronics are welcome in the dorms during personal time, but not in labs, classrooms or dining halls. We ask all participants to adhere to the Media Use Permission Form when using these devices.