Horizons Program Objectives

The Clarkson University Horizons program believes that the adolescent years are very crucial in a person's development. During this time, young people are investigating their identity, which is often based on the things or people around them and how they interact with them. From this, they tend to formulate “conclusions” about themselves and their career goals as compared to a societal norm. While children from all backgrounds show aptitude in science, engineering, and mathematics, not all choose to pursue careers in these areas. We're hoping that encouragement at this pivotal age may make the difference. 

Therefore, our Horizons Program objectives are to:

  • Help students realize that the knowledge of STEAM is important to their future
  • Build self-esteem to perform and apply their skills so that they can envision themselves in STEM-based fields of study and careers
  • Enhance problem-solving, reasoning and critical-thinking skills
  • Build confidence to perform and apply skills through interactive, hands-on, cooperative learning experiences in which participants work together to solve problems
  • Develop and enhance oral, written and presentation skills through discussion of global and cultural issues
  • Promote self-awareness, leadership, and team-building skills

New for Summer 2020

With COVID-19 impacting all of our daily lives, we have made some important updates regarding our Horizons summer programs to make things just a bit easier and clearer for you during this challenging time.  These new and important changes include: 

  • Program Dates: Instead of a one-week residential STEAM program, we will offer a ten-day virtual STEAM program for the weekdays of July 20 - 31, 2020.
  • Clarkson University will offer a virtual experience for Horizons I, II and III. Horizons I (combining the previous Beacon, NY and Potsdam, NY camps) will accept approximately 96 participants. Horizons II will accept approximately 96 participants. Horizons III will accept approximately 72 participants.
  • Transitioning to rolling admissions until June 12, 2020.  Applications will be reviewed upon submission and decisions will be made as soon as possible to help families best plan for summer. 
  • Modifying our 2020 tuition to reflect the change to a virtual format, to $250 for all program levels.
  • Eliminating deposits and application fees. As COVID-19 has already burdened many families financially, all payments made — including the previous non-refundable deposit — will be refunded if, for some reason, any of the programs have to be postponed or canceled.

While our goal was to host all of our summer programs as originally planned on our campus, the health and safety of all campers — and our faculty, staff, students and visitors — was our highest priority when making the final decision to move to a virtual platform. Rest assured that all of our staff, faculty and student assistants involved in Horizons are moving forward with a strong sense of teamwork and are eagerly preparing for your students to have an exceptional e-Horizons experience!  

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we will do our best to keep you informed of our plans. We encourage you to follow our communications on Clarkson’s webpage dedicated to the University’s response to this national emergency: clarkson.edu/coronavirus.

Application and Tuition Information

Application Information

A completed Horizons application consists of:

  1. The Horizons Application Form: Parent(s)/guardian(s)/school teacher(s) may assist you in completing all sections of this form. Important for Horizons I: Students will receive links to apply AFTER they are nominated.
  2. Personal Statement: We recommend that you have someone proofread your answers before submitting this form. However, please complete the section using your own words. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions. These are designed to help us know more about you as a person. Please answer each question using at least 200 characters, and no more than 450 characters.
  3. Two letters of recommendation are required: Your math or science teacher must complete one of these recommendation forms. Someone other than a family member, who knows you well enough to determine your suitability for the program, can complete the other recommendation form.
  4. A copy of your grade reports/transcripts: Previous and current year's (Sept - Dec) can be uploaded through your application status page at a later date. 

The copies of your grade reports/transcripts may be mailed to our physical address, or scanned and uploaded through the application status page upon submission of this application.

If you are using paper documents, your completed packet should contain all required documents and be submitted as a single mailing postmarked on or before June 12th. If you are emailing, everything must be emailed to horizons@clarkson.edu by 11:59 p.m. EST on June 12th. 

Applications will remain open beyond deadline during the review process until all available slots are filled. Nonetheless, we reserve the right not to review applications that are not postmarked by the announced date.

All applicants, accepted or not, and including those who are on wait-list status, will be notified of their status on a rolling basis starting in May. If the applicant is accepted and chooses not to participate, please notify the director as early as possible so the opportunity can be shared with another candidate. Wait-listed applicants who move to acceptance status will be notified starting the end of May. Full tuition is required by June 30th. 

Tuition Information for Clarkson University e-Horizons Programs 

The tuition is $250 and includes instruction, all instructional materials, and shipping and handling. No funds are required at the application stage. However, upon receipt of the letter of acceptance from Clarkson, full tuition is required by June 30th to finalize the candidate's admission to the program.  

EXCEPTION: Schools and agencies that indicate they are covering tuition for an accepted student should fill out the vendor payment form (included in the acceptance packet) to arrange payment. If the school or agency is using a purchase order, they will not be required to meet the pre-program payment deadline and will be invoiced. They will need to submit a copy of the purchase order and the purchase order number with the vendor payment form by the deadline date of June 30th.

REFUNDS: Up until the start of Horizons program, full refunds of payments are possible. All refunds will be disbursed starting in the month of August.

If accepted, there are a limited number of partial summer camp scholarships available. These scholarships are needs-based and designed to help offset the tuition cost for students that cannot afford the entire program cost, and are not able to get funding from their schools, BOCES, and/or other community organizations. For more information, please contact horizons@clarkson.edu.

Forms for Admitted Students

If you are accepted into the Horizons Program, payment and the following forms must be received by us by June 30, 2020.

Code of Conduct   Media Permission and Release Form   Personal Payment Form   Vendor Payment Form   


Horizons Program Sample Course Offerings

Below is a list of some of the courses and activities students can participate in within Horizons per program level.

Horizons I
  • Forensic Science
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Science
  • Food Anthropology
  • Personal Enrichment
  • Digital Awareness
  • Team-building and Leadership
Horizons II
  • Computer Science (Coding)
  • Mathematics
  • General Engineering​
  • Personal Enrichment​
  • Team-building and Leadership
Horizons III
  • Mock Admission Interviews
  • College 101 (Admissions and Financial Aid)
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Resume Workshop
  • Goal Setting and Negotiation Workshops
  • Personal Enrichment
  • Team-building and Leadership 

Eligibility Requirements

Below are the eligibility requirements per Horizon program level.

Horizons I
  • 7th or 8th grade student
  • Guidance counselor nomination
  • Available to all regardless of gender or gender identity
  • Interest in math and/or science

Nominate a student for Horizons I

Horizons II
  • 8th or 9th grade student
  • Preferred Qualification: completed Horizons I
  • Available to all regardless of gender or gender identity
  • Interest in math, science and/or engineering

Apply now for Horizons II

Horizons III
  • 10th or 11th grade student
  • Preferred Qualification: completed Horizons I and II OR a similar STEAM-based program
  • Available to all regardless of gender or gender identity

Apply now for Horizons III