Clarkson University offers a minor in Digital Art that is available to all undergraduate students with the exception of Digital Arts & Sciences majors.

In addition to the minor portfolio requirement DA 499, all students choosing a minor in Digital Art must complete 15 credit hours within the listed class selection and satisfy these requirements:

  • Completion of DA 100, Introduction to Digital Art: Time and Image or its cross-listed counterpart COMM 100: 2D Digital Design.
  • Two classes from the following list at 100-level or higher.
  • One class from the following list at 200-level or higher.
  • One class from the following list at 300-level or higher.

Digital Art Minor Core

  • DA 110 Drawing
  • DA 120 Elements of Design
  • DA 140 Introduction to Digital Art: Form & Code
  • DA 207 Media Landscapes I
  • DA 208 Media Landscapes II
  • DA 212 Art in Context
  • DA 225 Digital Painting & Illustration
  • DA 250 Interactive & Algorithmic Art
  • DA 300 3D Imagery & Animation
  • DA 320 Moving Images: Motion Graphics & Animation
  • DA 321 Video Art
  • DA 340 Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality
  • DA 39* Special Topics Classes in Digital Arts & Sciences
  • DA 400 Directed & Collaborative Study
  • DA 410 Directed & Collaborative Study
  • DA 42* Digital Arts Independent Studies
  • DA 500 Directed & Collaborative Study

(As the capstone class in the Digital Arts & Sciences major, DA 492 Senior Studies is not open to students taking the Digital Art minor.)

Minor Portfolio Requirement

Under the guidance of Digital Arts faculty advisers from within the Department of Communication, Media & Design, students will compile a portfolio that functions as a way of showcasing and reflecting upon their achievements within the minor. The portfolio will be completed within a zero-credit hour course (DA499 Digital Art Minor Portfolio.) Students must receive a P (pass) in the minor portfolio in order to complete the requirements for the minor.

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