Clarkson University

Here's 13 Reasons Why

1. Experience Required? Experience Guaranteed.

First things first—you’ll have to work hard to make it at Clarkson. You’ll learn a ton of stuff, and you’ll actually do the things you’re learning. It’s why our students graduate with experience, get hired and go on to do remarkable things. Oh, we’re also #1 in the nation for grads with the most internship experience.

2. Live The Research Life

Why wait for grad school to do world-changing research when you can start as an undergrad? Clarkson faculty are involved in amazing and important research and they’re committed to getting you involved early and often.

3. Cure Something

If you caught the news at all last year, you know why this stuff is important—At Clarkson, you can work with world-class immunology researchers developing new treatments and vaccines for lethal diseases. Our partnership with the Trudeau Institute in nearby Saranac Lake (not a bad spot to spend a semester or a summer) gives you the chance to do this life-changing—and life-saving—research in fields like biotechnology, bioengineering and immunology.

See why Bio is better at Clarkson.

4. Start Up Here. Start Up Now.

Studying business and entrepreneurship as an undergrad is great, sure, but starting a business in your first year? That’s how we do it at Clarkson. And these aren’t hypothetical widget factories. Nope. We’re talking actual businesses with actual customers. Our distinctly entrepreneurial culture surrounds you with fellow innovators and exceptional resources to take it as far as you want.

Speaking of innovation, why not invent a better product or a better process? Over 60 Clarkson undergraduate students filed patent applications in 2014, solving problems that bothered them personally. Examples of their inventions include: a temperature-resistant cell phone case, a table that integrates into a couch, a therapeutic device for paraplegics, and an automobile roof rack that makes it easy to load and unload skis. At Clarkson, seasoned inventors and business experts are excited to facilitate your inventing and commercializing journey.

5. Know Them Before They Got Big

Fact: One in five Clarkson alumni is already a CEO, VP or equivalent Senior Executive of a company. These are your peers. This is your professional network. Be part of something big.

6. Get Hired. Get Paid.

Close to 95% of Clarkson students get jobs in their field after graduation. And those aren’t any jobs—they’re good jobs. Clarkson grads have some of the highest starting salaries in the nation according to Payscale’s 2015 salary report.

7. See The World—6 Million Acres of it in Your Backyard

Contrary to rumor, you can’t see Times Square from everywhere in New York State, but from Clarkson’s Campus, you can see the Adirondacks—the largest park in the United States. Hike, bike, climb, kayak, ski and snowshoe in some of the most beautiful wilderness around. And, if you want to blend academics and recreation, you can check out the Adirondack Semester—it’s field work for real.

8. Get Some Culture Across the Border

Clarkson’s campus is just south of the Canadian Border, and a short drive from Ottawa and Montreal—two amazing cities with phenomenal shopping, dining and all kinds of entertainment. And poutine.

9. Hockey. ‘Nuff said.

It’s huge here. You will love it, even if you don’t already. And we do it right at Clarkson. Cheel Arena is a madhouse on game nights (especially against our rivals, Saint Lawrence), and our women’s team is the defending National Champion. You have to experience it to understand.

10. Winter is Totally Cool

It’s no secret Clarkson is in the North Country. That means we’re a short 90-minute drive from Lake Placid—yep, that’s the Lake Placid that’s home to the Olympic Village and tons of winter sports and recreation. Get out there and do something, no excuses.

11. The Pizza Roll

Twenty-five years after graduation, alums still come back for pizza rolls at Sergi’s in downtown Potsdam. No spoilers here, just go and try it.

12. So. Many. Clubs.

With over 100 clubs and activities, from ballroom dance to paintball (no … not together - although that would be cool) Clarkson is the place to get involved outside of class. Not seeing what you love? It’s easy to start your own—we’re entrepreneurial like that.

13. It’s Totally Worth It

When the work gets tough (and it will), know that nothing worth having comes without hard work. But that’s why you chose Clarkson. The companies that will hire you know this. The grad schools that will accept you know this. You know this. Embrace it.

Our students already know: the reason is you.

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