Meet Some of our YIE Students

Jonathan Lehmann '24
Engineering and Management
Eagle Eye Drones

Jonathan Lehmann, owner of Eagle Eye Drones started his business in January of 2019 while only 16 years old. By using eBay as the primary selling platform for the business, Eagle Eye Drones specializes in the buying, selling, and repair of DJI camera drones. In just a year and a half, Jonathan has succeeded in growing his business through the age-old method of honesty, dependability, and excellent customer service in order to provide drones and accessories to hundreds of customers.

In partnership with Clarkson University, Jonathan is looking forward to taking his business to the next level by increasing the company’s sales volume, opening an e-commerce website for direct selling, and expanding Eagle Eye’s product line. 

Jonathan Lehmann Headshot

Matthew Poirier '21
Engineering and Management

Vaping has become a very serious trend over the past several years, and because these devices are relatively new, there is little long-term data about the effects of such devices on users' health. This creates concerns especially in regard to young individuals who use vape devices.

While still in high school, Matthew Poirier recognized that there was a serious problem on the rise when it came to teens vaping. He noticed that students in his high school would go to the bathroom to vape where they could not be detected by a camera and no one would be watching them. This led him to develop his company, Nicosense, which has created a device that detects the use of vaping devices and discreetly notifies school administrators so that they can take action. This product will help to lower teen exposure to these products and their harmful effects. 

Nicosense is a business in the Shipley Center for Innovation's Young Innovator and Entrepreneurs program

Josh Parker
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Parker's Real Maple

Josh Parker started Parker's Real Maple at age 15 after several years of experimenting and testing to get just the maple syrup he wanted. While managing his business as a young entrepreneur, he attended Clarkson University through the YIE program for a year and then left to further pursue Parker's Real Maple. In the fall of 2016, he appeared on the ABC television hit "Shark Tank."

Today, Josh's company offers not only syrup, but maple cotton candy and maple butter. They offer these products nation-wide through deals with Costco, Whole Foods Markets and Wal-Mart. Josh and his wife Alessandra work to make sure that Parker's Real Maple continues to achieve its mission: to create "better-for-you" real maple products that replace those laden with fake, processed sugars. Parker's is moving maple beyond the breakfast table with innovative products made with the superior sweeteners you deserve. 

Parker's Maple Syrup is a company of the Shipley Center for Innovation's young innovators and entrepreneurs program

Matthew Turcotte '14
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
North Shore Solutions

Matthew Turcotte was the first student to participate in the TIE program at Clarkson. Matt started North Shore Solutions as North Shore Web Development in 2007, when he was only a junior in high school, with the goal of providing web design to businesses in his community. Two years later, he launched Host North Shore, which would be the hosting division of the company. Then in 2010, he renamed his company to North Shore Solutions to encompass all the services that are offered. 

Today, North Shore Solutions offers a number of valuable services to their clients including web design, web hosting, logo design, print publications design and printing, backup services, graphic design and consulting services. In addition to having two offices, one in Watertown, N.Y. and one in Clayton, N.Y., they work on projects for clients not only throughout New York but the entire United States.

Turcotte also founded Grindstone Holdings, LLC while a junior at Clarkson. Grindstone Holdings is a real estate company that owns a portfolio of residential, commercial, warehousing and storage endeavors throughout the North Country. 

North Shore Solutions is a company of the Shipley Center for Innovation's young innovators and entrepreneurs program