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Build the Power of (YOU)KNIGHT

The Clarkson Fund helps students right now. When you were a student, The Clarkson Fund was right there supporting you, although you may not have known it. You and your classmates benefited from things like meaningful scholarships, state-of-the-art lab equipment, rigorous academics, and sports teams that gave you something to cheer about. Now it’s your turn to help current students, right now.

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m young, I have a car payment—I can’t afford to be a big donor.” That’s the beauty of (YOU)KNIGHT. You don’t have to “give big” to “influence big.” Think of everyone who went to classes with you, who graduated with you. Together, your gifts have the power to make a big difference.

There’s an exponential factor at work here, too. When grant-making institutions see a high alumni participation rate, they’re more likely to give to Clarkson. By giving to The Clarkson Fund, you help boost that participation rate, and that can multiply the influence of your gift. That’s why it’s important to give, this year and every year.

Check out the links on this page to see how The Clarkson Fund is making a difference for current students. Learn more about everything the Fund supports—essential scholarships, the latest technology, challenging academic programs, sustainability projects, and Golden Knight athletics. Then (YOU)KNIGHT with other young alumni and accelerate Clarkson today.