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(YOU)KNIGHT for Clarkson

When you were a student, Clarkson was your guide, your toolbox, your inspiration, your challenge. The University helped you shape your goals, provided a direction for your hard work. For at least four years, this was where you lived, learned, opened your eyes, and prepared for the rest of your life.

Now you’re an alum, and you realize that “alumni” doesn’t mean “old people who went to Clarkson in the Dark Ages.” It means you. It means recent graduates who understand what Clarkson is today…and what it can and should be tomorrow. You have the insight Clarkson needs and the strength in numbers to make it all happen.

Clarkson is asking for your vision, connection, interaction, and investment. We invite you to (YOU)KNIGHT with other young alumni and witness the power of your collective input accelerate innovation and discovery.