Awards by Category

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The Commendable Service Award
The Distinguished Service Award
The Commendable Leadership Award
Phalanx Induction


Arts & Sciences Award
Dr. Carl Michel Awards
Ilse J. Shaw Liberal Arts Award
Jerome D. Barnum Memorial Award
The Major William W. Coleman Memorial Award
The Francis A. DeLucia Award


Communications & Media Senior Award
Communications & Media Junior Award
Communications & Media Sophomore Award
The Peter ’90 and Chandra Wargo Digital Arts & Sciences Award
Digital Arts & Sciences Junior or Rising Senior Award
Digital Arts & Sciences Sophomore Award


The Biology Department Outstanding Graduate Research Award 
The Biology Department Graduate Teaching Award 
The Biology Department Outstanding Senior Award
The Biology Department Outstanding Research Award
The Biology Department Outstanding Leadership & Service Award
The Biology Department Undergraduate Teaching Award
The Biology Department Sophomore Award


The Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science Freshman Award 
The Gamma Sigma Epsilon George L. Jones, Jr., Award
Raymond R. Andrews Achievement Award
The Dr. George L. Jones Jr., Memorial Scholarship Award
Egon Matijevic’ Endowed Chemistry Scholarship
The Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award 
The Outstanding Graduate Student Award 
The Stig E. Friberg Award for Undergraduate Research


The Hamlin/Darraugh Award for Mathematics
The R. Gerald Bradshaw Award for Mathematics
Pi Mu Epsilon Sophomore Award for Mathematics
Sanda Briggs Award Miller/Davis Service Award for Mathematics
Miller/Davis Service Award for Mathematics


The Hamlin/Darraugh Award for Computer Science
The R. Gerald Bradshaw Award for Computer Science
Sanda Briggs Award Miller/Davis Service Award for Computer Science
Miller/Davis Service Award for Computer Science
James Lynch/Searleman Sophomore for Computer Science


Physics Department Outstanding Freshmen Award
Physics Department Outstanding Senior Award
Physics Department Distinguished Graduate Student Award
Sigurds Arajs Memorial Award


The Psychology Research Award
The Psychology Research Assistant Award
The Psychology Professional Experience Award
The Psychology Service Award 


John W. Graham, Jr., Leadership Award
Ilse J. Shaw School of Business Freshmen Award
Ilse J. Shaw School of Business Sophomore Award
Andrew S. Ormsby Law Scholar Award
Eugene R. Yeager, Jr., Memorial Scholarship Award 
The Robert ’65 and Elaine Birrell Accounting Award Sponsored Scholarship 
Dr. Rajesh Sethi Achievement Award 
The James L. Dohr Accounting Scholarship
The James L. Dohr Accounting Award
The Gregory P. Arnold Memorial Prize Award
The Elizabeth A. Kissel '90 Memorial Endowed Award
Kyle G. Reichley '85 Memorial Alumni Award Scholarship for Excellence in Information Systems and Business Processes
The Ralph Janaro Memorial Sponsored Scholarship
Shanith Samarasekera ’13 Memorial Scholarship-You’ll Never Walk Alone


Dr. Amy K. Zander Engineering and Management Award for Outstanding Career Potential
Engineering & Management Activity Award
The Dr. Charles T. Mosier '72 Memorial Scholarship Award
The Cathy Avadikian and David Wells Award in Engineering & Management
The Joseph Scaturro Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Richard Brady Legro '82 Memorial Endowed Award Fund


The Outstanding Senior Award
Pablo Guttman Memorial Award
R. Shankar Subramanian Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Achievement in Chemical Engineering
Dr. Lewis J. Derzansky M’68, PhD ’73 Memorial Graduate Scholarship 


The Charles Martin Clark Memorial Prize
Mary King Dyson ’07 Memorial Leadership Award 
The Civil & Environmental Engineering Award for Writing
Arthur L. Straub Memorial Award
The George A. Gray Endowed Fellowship
Outstanding Teacher Award for Graduate Students in Civil & Environmental Engineering
The Keith M. Russ Civil & Environmental Engineering Award
The Norbert L. Ackermann Endowed Fund Award Stantec Consulting Service, Inc. Sponsored Scholarship 


The William A. Dart Award
The John B. Russell Memorial Award
Ben Schilling ’18 Graduate Student Award 
The Norman L. Rea Award


The James E. Fassett Memorial Scholarship
The Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering Staff Awards
Robert E. Rosati '52 Award for Excellence in Mechanical Engineering


The Myrna G. Sproul Memorial Award
The Environmental Science & Policy Leadership Award
Outstanding MS Thesis
Outstanding PhD Thesis
ISE/EHS outstanding Service Award

Special Awards

  • Outstanding Teaching Award for Graduate Students
  • The President's Award for Excellence
  • The Ralph E. '55 and Solita Hawes Endowed Scholarship
  • Faculty Teaching Excellence Endowed Fund in Honor of Dr. Robert John McGill and Dr. Nye Smith Award
  • Support Staff for Academic Excellence
  • Kristin Bandy Craig Memorial Scholarship
  • Perkins Family Memorial Award
  • Clarkson University Support Staff Award
  • CUSA Outstanding Student Service Award
  • The Dean William J. Farrisee Memorial Award
  • Elinor N. McGill Memorial Award
  • CUSA Outstanding Senator Award
  • The John H. Koerner, Jr., Intramural Award
  • Philip "Pinky" Ryan Memorial Award
  • Martin A. Welt '54 Family Awards
  • Paul J. Pilon Memorial Award
  • Paul Hyde Memorial Award
  • Clarkson School Award
  • Kristine M. Layn Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Vern Clute Memorial Academic Achievement Award
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Award
  • Diversity & Inclusion Award
  • Stephen Newkofsky H'03 Endowed Student Engagement Scholarship
  • Bill Cotter ’73 Sponsored Media Award
  • Ambassador of the Year Award