Clarkson's Individually Designed Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) program is a unique option to provide flexibility and interdisciplinary study for two types of students:

  1. working professionals looking to complete a degree and grow their professional careers (most common)
  2. traditional undergraduate students, which leads to a Bachelor's of Professional Studies 

The BPS enables a student to design and pursue an individual curriculum that meets personal career objectives. Programs may be designed in any discipline or by combining disciplines offered at Clarkson. 

Degree Completion

For working professionals looking to advance their careers, Clarkson offers the opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree through our Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) program. The BPS degree completion program connects like-minded professionals from leading organizations such as GlobalFoundries, United Technologies, General Dynamics, Regeneron, Cox Enterprises and Johnson Controls. By bringing together dedicated and diverse professionals, deep, meaningful discussions shape learning and provide an environment that fosters critical thinking to develop best practices. This is the true value of the BPS program.

Students in the BPS program also benefit from:

  • A completely asynchronous online format to work with busy lifestyles
  • A part-time workload, with six (6) credit hours per semester to allow for flexibility and the ability for working professionals to complete courses on their own timelines
  • A personal approach, with advising and assistance throughout the process by our expert faculty and staff
  • Interdisciplinary coursework, with a unique set of classes tailored to individual career goals
  • Award-winning Career Services, helping students make connections in industry for future career opportunities
  • Affordable, competitive tuition rates coupled with the opportunity for scholarships and employer contribution

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Curriculum & Courses

Clarkson’s BPS program boasts a flexible curriculum tailored to each student’s needs to facilitate a series of courses that will directly impact the student’s ability to succeed in today’s technical environment. This gives Clarkson graduates a robust body of knowledge directly applicable to core job functions. Expert faculty and experienced members of industry focus on critical analyses of issues that matter in a technical environment. Courses can be combined for concentrations in general studies, technology management, data science and analytics, and innovation, and span multiple disciplines that provide students with the skill sets that employers are seeking.


    Learning Environment

    By using a completely asynchronous delivery of educational coursework, the Clarkson Bachelor of Professional Studies degree completion program combines the flexibility needed for working professionals with the ability for students to collaborate with leading industry experts, faculty, and other students. Adult education is predicated on the sharing and questioning of ideas and theories to mold new best practices.

    The BPS program allows participating students to meet faculty as well as their peers and develop the rapport necessary for success in an online setting. The asynchronous classes provide the platform from which participants can leverage the diversity, experience and expertise at the heart of the program. This creates a true online learning community, built on the principles of collaboration and problem-solving.

    Degree Completion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: How long does it take to complete the BPS program for degree completion?

    A: Each student is different based on the number of credits he/she is bringing into the program. A credit evaluation is done at the beginning of the admissions process so that each student understands how many courses he/she needs to complete the BPS program. 

    Q: How do I know if my employer will contribute to my studies?

    A: The best way to find out is to ask your employer if they participate in the program. You can also reach out to our staff and we may be able to assist you with this. 

    Q: What types of courses will I take?

    A: Due to the nature of the individually designed program, courses will be tailored to students individual career goals. Clarkson offers undergraduate level courses in engineering, business, the arts, education, sciences and mathematics.

    Traditional Undergraduate BPS Program

    While most students who pursue this program are working professionals looking to complete a bachelor's degree, entering first-year and transfer students may create, in consultation with an academic advisor, a program uniquely tailored to meet special occupational or career objectives. For incoming first-year students, we encourage you to learn more about our University Studies program.

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    Working Professionals BPS Program

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    Traditional Undergraduate BPS Program

    To learn more about or talk to one of our staff members about the BPS Program as a traditional undergraduate student, please email:


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