Our undergraduate bachelor's degree program in History provides the opportunity for you to learn about lives, times and places distant from your own.

History examines human experiences, confronting facets of human life in the past and present. Gaining a better understanding of the world and thinking about it critically are the ultimate goals of of the program.

As a history major, you have the unique opportunity to develop areas of expertise generally unavailable at liberal arts colleges. With history courses focused on science, medicine, technology, society, war studies, and the ancient, medieval and renaissance world, you'll gain a broad knowledge base tailored to your interests. This knowledge will be unique to your education and expand boundaries after graduation.

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History Careers

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History majors shine in careers in which critical thinking, historical perspective and strong writing skills are essential for success. A few of those careers include the following:

  • education
  • law
  • business
  • not-for-profits and start-ups

History Curriculum & Academic Options

Major in History

In the undergraduate history program, a total of 31 out of the 120 credit hours are devoted to history classes. This leaves flexibility for you to narrow your area of interest with minors, concentrations or double majors.

History majors take courses such as:

  • War and Society
  • Themes and Concepts in Chinese History
  • Modern Sex: Sexualities and Genders in Modern America
  • History of Women and Gender in America
  • Ancient Medicine and Magic
  • War in the Middle Ages
  • The Construction of Nazi Germany
  • Voices of the Past

History Major Curriculum

Double Majors

History majors often choose a second major, and similarly, students majoring in disciplines such as engineering, environmental studies, business or science, often choose History as a second major. This gives students the ability to pursue their passion, diversify their knowledge base and a competitive advantage while applying to graduate programs. Below is a sampling of majors that pair well with History.

Biology Major

Environmental Science & Policy Major

Political Science Major

Students can also pursue our Social Documentation Double Major program, combining a major in Communication with one of our Humanities and Social Sciences, including History, HumanitiesInterdisciplinary Liberal StudiesInterdisciplinary Social Sciences, and Political Science.

Relevant Minors & Tracks

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences also offers several thematic, disciplinary and even student-designed minors for students from all majors to complement their degree programs or take courses in subjects they are interested in, such as anthropology, gender and sexuality studies, literature and the arts, philosophy, and war studies. View our recommendations below or learn more about all of Clarkson's minors and professional advising tracks.

All Humanities & Social Sciences Minors

Anthropology Minor

War Studies Minor

All Clarkson Minors and Tracks

Experiential Learning

Research Opportunities

As a history student, you will work with history faculty on research projects. You will also have the opportunity to work with fellow students and professors on cross-campus, interdisciplinary research in the areas of environment, health, gender and sexuality, and business.

Internship and Co-op Opportunities

Internships and co-ops as a history major can be done at a multitude of locations. Some of these opportunities include those with museums, archives, local history projects and newspapers.

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