The Digital Arts and Sciences (DA&S) undergraduate bachelor's degree program is designed to engage your creativity and encourage you to expand your boundaries, equipping you for success in a highly dynamic digital media industry.

This program, offered through the Department of Communication, Media and Design (CMD), focuses on combining the artistic, technical and scientific aspects of digital content creation with applications that include virtual reality, scientific visualization, animation, games and UI/UX design. The program often brings in industry professionals from various disciplines to demonstrate real-life applications.

As a digital arts and sciences major, you'll develop creative and research abilities through intensive technical training. The result of this curriculum culminates in a capstone project, which demonstrates your creative ability, technical prowess in a variety of media choices, and use of a wide range of digital tools for various applications.

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Digital Arts and Sciences Careers

After graduation, our digital arts and sciences majors are prepared to embark on a successful career in any of the following areas:

  • art and design
  • film
  • computer animation and video gaming
  • UI/UX creation
  • mobile/web design and development (app design)
  • computational science research (scientific visualization and simulation)
  • interactive display systems
  • virtual reality
  • data visualization
  • physical computing
  • social media/online marketing

Digital arts and sciences majors have gone on to work in a wide variety of industries, for companies such as: Computer Enterprises Inc., Interactive Media Consulting, the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (Division Newport), Pfizer and T-Base Communications.

Digital Arts and Sciences Curriculum & Academic Options

Major in Digital Arts and Sciences

The digital arts and sciences major encompasses 78 of the 120 credit hours required for a bachelor's degree. This leaves ample opportunity to explore majors or other areas that interest you while you complete your digital arts and sciences degree. Our digital arts and sciences majors take courses such as:

Applied Mathematic and Statistics 100% Placement Rate Class of 2019
  • Intro to Digital Art: Time & Image
  • Elements of Design
  • 3D Digital Modeling & Imagery
  • Digital Painting and Illustration
  • Moving Images: Motion Graphics & Animation
  • Creative Apps
  • Media Landscapes
  • Drawing
  • Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality
  • Interactive and Algorithmic Art
  • Art in Context

Digital Arts & Sciences Major Curriculum

Relevant Minors

Our digital arts and sciences majors can also choose from 40+ minors from across the University. View our recommendations below or learn more about all of Clarkson's minors, concentrations and professional advising tracks.

Communication Minor

Business Minor

Computer Science Minor

Product Development & Marketing Minor

All Clarkson Minors, Concentrations and Tracks

"It’s important to help students develop their own visual language, which can be a tall order for a 22-year-old who has only been consuming mainstream digital content,” says Lee. “I show them the tools to get them started. It’s their job to research their way and to find their own voice, utilizing the methods I show."

Alex Lee, Associate Professor, Communication & Media

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Experiential Learning

Internship and Co-op Opportunities

As a digital arts and sciences major, you will have the ability to apply for internships/co-ops at companies like Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Time Warner, Nelvana Studios, Rokko Studios, Ice Blade Studios, Framestore, HBO, Xerox, Pipeline Studios, Guru Studio, Bardel Entertainment, Atomic Entertainment, Mercury Filmworks, 9 Story Media Group and many more.

Research Opportunities

The digital arts and sciences bachelor's degree has significant research opportunities involving the Montreal International Games Summit, Game Developers Conference and Siggraph, among others.

It’s exciting to know that my studies in communications in combination with Digital Arts and Sciences has prepared me to go into such a variety of fields. I could do anything from advertising for a large engineering corporation, to event planning for a prestigious museum. The possibilities are endless and that is what makes this major extremely rewarding.

Emily Fountain '17, BS Communication

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