Aeronautical engineering teaches you to apply engineering methods for solving professional problems.

In the world of designing, manufacturing and maintaining aircraft and related systems, aeronautical engineers are essential.

This program prepares you for a career in the aerospace industry by providing the knowledge to understand the social, ethical and environmental context of aircraft workings. Courses in areas such as aerodynamics, propulsion, aircraft structures, flight mechanics, stability, flight control and aircraft design are key for successful program completion. In the capstone course, you work in teams to design an aircraft and apply the solution process to a real-life problem.

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Career Opportunities

The career opportunities for a graduate are working as a

  • manufacturing engineer
  • design engineer
  • simulator
  • modeling engineer

As a graduate, you will also be prepared for graduate school work, should you choose that route.

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The Aeronautical Engineering program consists of 87 credit hours out of 120 credit hours in a bachelor's degree. Those 87 credit hours in aeronautical engineering include classes in applied physics, applied mathematics, engineering science and mechanical engineering. Take courses such as:

  • Aircraft Structural Analysis
  • Design of Propulsion Systems
  • Aircraft Performance and Flight Mechanics
  • Optimal Engineering
  • Aircraft Design I and II
  • Design of Aircraft Structures

Aeronautical Engineering Major Curriculum

Minors & Concentrations

Looking to take your education a step further? Check out our list of minors and concentrations to complement your aeronautical engineering degree.

Engineering Concentrations

Clarkson Minors

Experiential Learning

Research Opportunities

Research experience for undergraduates (paid summer internships) includes that funded by the National Science Foundation or other government agency or foundation.

Work with faculty in their laboratory to gain experience in areas of interest to you that goes beyond the subjects required.

There are directed and independent study courses, including research courses, that provide you with opportunities to pursue your own interests while being mentored by an interested faculty member.

Internship and Co-op Opportunities

Over 150 companies come to campus to recruit students for employment, internships and co-ops biannually at our career fairs. Aeronautical engineering degrees are in demand for a large number of these companies. You will have the opportunity to meet with many such companies throughout your years at Clarkson.

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