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An on-campus interview is encouraged as part of the admission procedure. Prospective students are asked to meet with a staff member to discuss the School's programs and how they may be individualized to meet the student's needs. Please call The Clarkson School office at 800-574-4425 to make arrangements for a campus visit. Telephone and off-campus interviews (in some geographic areas) may also be arranged.

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I am requesting a fee waiver due to financial hardship (see your Guidance Counselor for this form, send to The Clarkson School).
I am resubmitting corrections to an application submitted earlier.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Due to security reasons we do not ask for your social security number on our on-line application. If you choose to utilize the on-line application, please call The Clarkson School Office at: 315-268-4425 or 1-800-574-4425 to provide us with your social security number. It is necessary for us to have students’ social security numbers on file when preparing accepted students’ financial aid packages.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY POLICY: Clarkson University prohibits discrimination in all aspects of its operation. Clarkson offers admission to students without regard to handicap, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin, creed and religion. All students admitted to Clarkson have nondiscriminatory access to the University's available financial assistance, facilities, activities, and various programs.