Joshua Schilling, BS Physics and Electrical Engineering
Liverpool, N.Y.

When I was evaluating colleges, Clarkson had a lot of things in its favor – its smaller size and the opportunity to interact with professors, as well as a reputation for dedication to academics and "defying convention." But, in the end, I chose to come to Clarkson because I liked the Physics Department. When I made a visit, the department staff and professors immediately made me feel welcome. I knew then that this was the place I wanted to study! They also said that I would have the opportunity to participate in research as an undergraduate if I was willing to work hard. True enough, I began my first semester of research at the start of my sophomore year.

I chose physics as my major because it combines my science and math aptitudes with my problem-solving skills. I decided to add an electrical engineering major, because I wanted to challenge myself and gain knowledge in a new field. Also, I like the electrical-related aspects of physics.

All of these choices have worked out well for me. Being a student at Clarkson University has helped me to become a professional, independent and motivated person, which in turn prepares me to be successful in the working world. At this point, I'm getting ready to apply to graduate school and beginning to prepare for the physics GRE. I'm not sure yet whether I want to find a job in the industry after graduation or to go on to graduate school to pursue a PhD in physics.

I've had the opportunity to do interesting research. During my last four semesters, I conducted directed research on theoretical modeling, under my advisor in the Physics Department. I also co-authored a scientific article, published in the “Journal of Chemical Physics;” co-presented research at a symposium held at Clarkson and took part in other work, with results not yet submitted for publishing.

Outside of academics, I'm a violinist and the treasurer of the Clarkson University Orchestra. I also do a classic rock show with a friend on Clarkson's radio station. I serve as secretary for the Laser Tag Club and am a member of Clarkson's chapter of the Tau Beta Phi engineering honor society.

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