Diana Ibrahim '17, MBA in Healthcare Management

I chose Clarkson because of its international recognition, and I'm so happy I had the opportunity to come here as a part of USAID’s U.S.-Egypt Higher Education Initiative, which provides STEM and MBA scholarships for women. To be an international student, you have to make yourself open to everything and anything. I truly feel I'm a different person in every way after coming here.

I’m already a pharmacist and ran the family pharmacy back home. Being a Clarkson healthcare MBA student helped me to develop a whole new skill set, enabling me to understand what I like most in the field of healthcare. I've learned how I want to proceed with the next step in my career – I'm interested in the ways that technology can make healthcare better.

I've been able to explore that interest and gain relevant skills thanks to the Career Center. What an amazing resource this place is! The dedicated staff helped me to get an internship in strategic planning at Ellis Medicine, where I learned so many new things and began to realize the kind of work I prefer to do.

Most recently, the Career Center guided me through more than five overseas interviews. Five! As you can imagine, I was nervous at first, but I was able to make progress with the staff’s guidance and advice. I'm proud to say that I received a great job offer from Cerner Middle East and will work as a consultant in their Egypt office.

It was a heart-breaking moment to get on the plane for my 14-hour flight back home, but I will always remember the friendships and insights I gained from my time here.

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