Andrew Miller ’14, ‘15
Major: MBA, with data analytics concentration & BS in supply chain management

At Clarkson, we’re encouraged to “defy convention.” That’s not a slogan. It’s a way of thinking and looking at things, and it’s made a difference in the decisions I’ve made and my success.

Recently, for example, I accepted a job as product manager at Turvo, an early-stage Silicon Valley startup. The job was a great opportunity to advance my career and diversify my experiences while getting back to my supply chain roots. I’m able to tap into some of the logistics concepts and skills I developed at Clarkson and bring them to an agile environment with that Clarkson entrepreneurial spirit.

My previous job was at Coupa Software, a Silicon Valley spend management company that grew from 400 to 900 employees in the 2.5 years I worked there. Now, I’m drawing on the knowledge I acquired at Coupa to help scale Turvowith downstream maturity challenges in mind. I’m positioned to help build a company from 60 to 400+ people and will gain experience addressing challenges at different stages of a company’s lifecycle. That’s a personal and career goal of mine.

I was recruited by a former manager, who was familiar with my supply chain background—and with Clarkson’s reputation. He knew that Clarkson expects a lot of its students, so we tend to be disciplined, determined, and always in search of creative solutions.

That’s important at Turvo, where we’re aiming to disrupt the logistics industry. Our proprietary, collaborative logistics platform enables shippers, brokers and carriers to work together, in real time, across the entire supply chain.

I majored in supply chain as an undergrad at Clarkson, and I’ve been enjoying working on those issues again, applying real-world scenarios to my education principles. I pursued the MBA to round out my experience—to develop critical business decision-making skills, optimize my compensation position, and push myself to achieve my goals.

I chose the full-time one-year program partly because I knew it would be a challenge, and that’s what I was looking for. Already, it’s paid off in opportunities and career growth.

I had a job offer from Coupa before I even completed the MBA program, and I owe that offer to Clarkson in more ways than one. My education certainly played a role, but so did the Clarkson network. I was recruited by a Clarkson MBA alumnus. When I worked at Coupa, I recruited at Clarkson, too. I saw it as a great way to connect excellent students with an excellent company. Today, the relationship between the two organizations is stronger than ever.

While at Coupa, I was promoted pretty quickly. Now, I’m in an even better position. I’m involved in an exciting new venture and am one step closer to potentially starting my own company. That’s the path I’ve laid out for myself—the plan I’ve built on my Clarkson foundation.

I attribute a lot of my success to earning my Clarkson MBA. I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t have it. I know that.

It’s really prepared me to hit the ground running and pursue new opportunities.

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