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Enrollment Status

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Enrollment Status
The Academic Department determines a student’s enrollment status.  Generally full-time status for graduate students is defined as enrollment in 9 credits hours per semester.  Half-time enrollment status varies among programs.  Programs in the School of Business define ½ time status as 4.5 credit hours per semester.  All other programs define ½ time status as 6 credit hours per semester. At least half-time enrollment is required for all federal loan programs and for in school deferment status on federal loans you have already borrowed.

Students enrolled in doctoral or master’s thesis credits may be considered full time at the discretion of the Academic Department.  If determined to be full time or half time, students who are in residence, external PhD students and students who are not in residence are eligible to apply for federal student loans.  Loan eligibility is determined by subtracting University Awards and other grant and scholarship aid from the cost of tuition, a book allowance and a living allowance.  Preparatory courses required for enrollment in a graduate program can be counted towards a student’s enrollment status.