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Proposed Projects (2015)
Our unique program brings together students from environmental engineering, ecology, and environmental chemistry to share their perspectives on remediation and management of biotic and abiotic pollutants. All research projects are within the area of sustainable management to understand the role of environmental science and engineering in managing pollutants in natural systems. Below is a summary list of projects and links to a description of each. Click Here to Apply!

A Kelp Farming Approach for Sustainable Wastewater Nutrient Removal and Bioenergy Production at Wastewater Treatment Plants with Ocean OutfallsDr. Shane RogersCivil and Environmental Engineering

An Aquatic Monitoring Health Monitoring System (AHMS) DevelopmentDr. James BonnerCivil and Environmental Engineering

Biosensors for monitoring fermentation processes in the production of bio-ethanol from cellulosic biomassDr. Silvana AndreescuChemistry and Biomolecular Engineering

Clarkson University Greenhouse for Sustainable Cold-Region Year-Round ProduceDr. Susan PowersCivil and Environmental Engineering

Decommission and Removal of Old DamsDr. Weiming WuCivil and Environmental Engineering

Exploring the Split Incentive: Motivations for Resource Efficiency Among Students Who Do Not Pay the BillsDr. Stephen BirdHumanities and Social Sciences

In Situ Treatment Train for Remediation of Perfluoroalkyl Contaminated Groundwater: In Situ Chemical Oxidation of Sorbed Contaminants (ISCO-SC)Dr. Michelle CrimiCivil and Environmental Engineering

Laboratory Investigation of Large Woody Debris Jams and their Effects on Bed ChangesDr. Ian KnackCivil and Environmental Engineering

The Fate and Transport of Emerging Contaminants in the Environment Dr. Thomas HolsenCivil and Environmental Engineering

Understanding the Plasma Chemistry of Gas-Liquid Interfaces: Degradation of Rhodamine B by a Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Jet Dr. Selma MededovicChemistry and Biomolecular Engineering

Value of Wetland Restoration Incentive Programs on Privately Owned Land for Species of Greatest Conservation NeedDr. Tom LangenBiology

Visualizing the links between Property Values, Invasive Species, Wilderness, and Water Quality in the ADK Park using GIS: Past, Present, and FutureDr. Martin HeintzelmanEnvironmental Economics

Water Quality Evaluation of the St. Lawrence River Related to Adaptive Management of Water level RegulationDr. Michael R. TwissBiology