What are the dimensions of the dorm rooms?
The dimensions of the dorm rooms depend on which room you are assigned. If you live in the Quad (Cubley, Reynolds, Ross or Brooks), the dimensions are approximately 15'10" x 11'8". Hamlin-Powers rooms are approximately 16' x 11'8". Moore House rooms are approximately 11'8" x 18', with a height of approximately 8'3 1/2". Graham Hall, which consists of Wilson, Van Note, Donahue and Olson, has room dimensions of approximately 12' x 14'. Finally, a room in Price Hall, which consists of Farrisee, Newell, Ormsby and Thomas, is approximately 12' x 14'.

When can I move into my room?
All new students can move in the Friday before classes start.

What items should I not bring for my room?
Clarkson University's primary concern is that you do not bring stoves, halogen lamps, hot plates, air conditioners, incense or candles. For a list of items you should consider bringing to campus, please review the checklist.

Are all rooms or apartments fully carpeted?

No. As new residence hall rooms are being added, students can expect to find attractive tiled floors in several locations in the Quad.

Am I allowed to bring a car, motorcycle or bicycle to campus?
Vehicles are allowed at Clarkson University. However, you are required to register and obtain a sticker in order for you to park your vehicle on campus. All vehicles are the owner's responsibility.

Do I need to bring my own television set?
Yes. All rooms and apartments are equipped with cable and Internet access; however, you need to bring your own ethernet cable to connect and a television set.

Do I have to pay separately for the cable?
No. Cable and Internet are included in room charge.

Do I have a choice in selecting my roommate?
As first-year students, you are asked to fill out a "Roommate Survey" form so that Clarkson is able to match you with the appropriate roommate. However, if you want to request another Clarkson first-year student, write each other's name on the housing contract and the Residence Life staff will consider your request.

Are there any single rooms available to students?
Yes, there are single rooms available for upper-class students. These 24 rooms are located in Graham Hall. Single occupancy rooms are available through the Housing Lottery held in the spring of each year.

If I live in an apartment, is there a kitchen available?
There is a kitchen available. However, these apartments are only open for upper-class students and can be chosen through the Housing Lottery.

Are pets allowed in the residence halls or apartments?
No, pets are strictly forbidden in any residence hall or apartment at Clarkson University.