Reporting Situations

Emergency Situations

If it is truly an emergency situation we urge you to call 911 and contact Campus Safety, 315-268-6666.  Campus Safety can accept anonymous reports. 


It is against federal law for any member of the university community to retaliate against a complainant or a witness in a complaint.

What to Report

All witnessed, experienced or known cases of discrimination or harassment should be reported. 


Any person can report an issue of discrimination or harassment to the Chief Inclusion Officer, Jennifer Ball,, 315/268-4208 168 Bertrand H. Snell Hall


Incidents involving staff should be reported to your direct supervisor or Human Resources.


Incidents involving student(s) should be reported to the Dean of Students, 315-268-6620.

A University Guest or Contractor

Incidents involving Guests of students should be reported to the Dean of Students, 315-268-6620, involving Non-Students or Contractors Human Resources.

Reporting Procedure

If you need to report gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, intimate partner violence or stalking, please use the chart below.

If you need assistance dealing with any other discrimination or harassment please click here to contact us   You can find the NYS Students Bill of Rights under Resources and Materials.

Click here for a downloadable PDF of this Reporting Procedure Chart: 

Chart of Reporting Procedures