Message From the Provost

I am excited to share the summer edition of the provost’s e-newsletter. I am Goodarz Ahmadi, interim provost. I have been a member of the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE) for 40 years. Earlier, I served as MAE department chair (1991-94) and dean of the Coulter School of Engineering (2005-15). Clarkson is an amazing university with highly competent and dedicated faculty, creative and enthusiastic students and loyal and devoted staff. While it has been challenging over the past few years, our students and faculty have continued to pursue their interdisciplinary research efforts to solve real-world problems. This edition of the newsletter celebrates our spring Commencement and also shares some of our latest faculty research. I hope you enjoy reading it.

— Goodarz Ahmadi, Interim Provost / Clarkson Distinguished Professor / Robert H. Hill Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Goodarz Admadi
2022 Commencement

Across the Universe

“Look up at the stars and wonder how we’re connected to the universe.” Inspiring words from former astronaut Mae Jemison, who spoke to almost 800 undergrad, graduate and doctoral students at this spring’s Commencement. Jemison, in addition to France Córdova, Toby Cosgrove and Sveinung Løset, received an honorary degree. 

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Walk Calm

Anxiety leaves many people feeling off balance — literally. A new study conducted by current and former Clarkson students and Professor Ali Boolani details how the researchers used machine learning to identify whether someone was feeling anxious based on their gait. Among other findings, the researchers determined that anxiety affects balance. 

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Walking Feet
statistical thinking

Statistical Thinking

Calling all kids! Professor and Chair of Psychology Andreas Wilke is looking for young volunteers to help him and his research team understand statistical thinking in children. With three short i-Pad games, volunteers can help shed light on how children perceive statistical patterns.

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Messages for Health

Supportive or shaming? Associate Professor of Psychology Lisa Legault investigated which types of messages motivated social distancing behavior among study participants from around the globe. Her results will help public health organizations create policies during current and future health emergencies. 

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Lisa Legault