Faculty and staff across the University are recognized for their national and international expertise, and often called upon to serve professional societies and our Nation.

Here is a sample of our faculty's professional leadership and greater involvement in their areas of expertise.  

Silvana Andreescu, Chemistry
Committee of Visitors to review the activities of the NSF -IRES division

Larry Compeau, Business
Executive Officer of the Society for Consumer Psychology, Div. 23 of the American Psychological Association

Susan E. Conry, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Member of panel appointed by the Israeli Higher Education folks that is reviewing all of the Electrical Engineering programs in Israel

Suresh Dhaniyala, MAE
Secretary of the American Association of Aerosol Research (AAAR)

Andrea Ferro, CEE
Director of:

  1. International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate
  2. Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors
  3. Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors Foundation

Philip K. Hopke, ISE

  • Board on environmental studies and toxicology at National Academies.
  • Air quality and climate Subcommittee, science advisor.
  • New Jersey Dept of Environ. Protection
  • Past member of 14 National Academies committees

John Milne, Business
Vice chair (chair-elect) of CPMS, the Practice Section of INFORMS

Stephanie Schuckers, ECE

  • 2013: Congressional Testimony, The Current and Future Applications of Biometric Technologies, Subcommittee on Research and Subcommittee on Technology Joint Hearing, US House of Representatives, May 21, 2013.
  • 2010-2011: Consultant, Army Science Board, Scientific Advisory Board to the Secretary of the Army

Hayley H. Shen, CEE
Fellow of the Institute of Engineering Mechanics

Chuck Thorpe, Provost

  • Naval Studies Board committee “Mainstreaming Unmanned Underwater Vehicles into Future U.S. Naval Operations.
  • Technical Advisory Board to the Army Research Laboratory

Peter R Turner, Dean of Arts & Sciences

  • SIAM: immediate past VP for Education (six year maximum term), and more than 12 years on Education Committee
  • Inaugural chair of SIAM Activity Group on Applied Math Education
  • Director of Modeling across the Curriculum initiative (NSF funded)
  • SIAM Committee on Science Policy
  • SIAM-NCTM: Chair of (new) joint NCTM-SIAM Committee on Modeling across the Curriculum aimed at bringing more relevance to K-12 math education
  • Steering committee for Common Vision of Undergrad Math Education in 2025 (joint SIAM, MAA, ASA and others)

Michael R. Twiss, Biology
Great Lakes Science Advisory Board’s Research Coordination Committee, which is part of the International Joint Commission

Dan Valentine, MAE
Director of the Clarkson Space Grant Program, the Clarkson component of a Congressional line item program

Bill Vitek, Philosophy
Educational consultant to The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas