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Reynolds Observatory

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Clarkson's Reynolds Observatory is located on the grounds of the Potsdam Airport.  The observatory is home to a 12” f-10 Meade telescope, which is currently mounted on the Jan Wojcik Orion ATLAS mount.   We host public observing on clear nights.  Please subscribe to our calendar on the right to stay informed of public observing and cancellations. 

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Observatory Status: Closed due to the extreme cold and ice.

The skies of March

If you look to the south shortly after sunset you will see the constellation Orion, the hunter.  Below Orion and to his left is a bright star which belongs to the constellation of Canis Major (the big dog), his hunting companion.  To the right of Orion is a bright red star that belongs to Tarus the bull.  Above Tarus is a small dipper, which is really the star cluster known as the Pleiadies (who's Japanes name is Subaru).  Above Betelgeuse, the red star at the sholder of Orion and to the left is the planet Jupiter. 

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