Clarkson Common Experience

The following courses are required for all students, irrespective of their program of study. These courses are offered during the fall semester, with FY100 First-Year Seminar being required of only first-year students. Both FY100 and UNIV190 are typically taken during the fall semester of the first year at Clarkson.
FY100 First-Year Seminar (1 credits)
UNIV190 The Clarkson Seminar (3 credits)

Core Requirements

Students majoring in E&M are required to complete the following courses:
CM131 General Chemistry I (4 credits)
CM132 General Chemistry II (4 credits)
COMM217 Introduction to Public Speaking (3 credits)
EC350 Economic Principles & Engineering Economics (3 credits)
EE264/ES260/ES222 Introduction to Digital Design/Materials Science & Engineering
                                   I/Strength of Materials (3 credits)
EM120 Team-based Design & Innovation (3 credits)
EM121 Technological Entrepreneurship (2 credits)
EM205 Introduction to Financial & Managerial Accounting (3 credits)
EM211 Introduction to Enterprise Information Systems (3 credits)
EM286 Organizational Behavior I (3 credits)
EM331 Operations & Supply Chain Management (3 credits)
EM333 Elements of Operations Research (3 credits)
EM451 Quality Management & Lean Enterprise (3 credits)
EM432 Organizational Policy & Strategy (3 credits)
EM456 Process Engineering & Design (3 credits)
EM380 Project Management (3 credits)
ES250 Electrical Science (3 credits)
ES340 Thermodynamics (3 credits)
FN361 Financial Management (3 credits)
LW270 Law & Society (3 credits)
MA131 Calculus I (3 credits)
MA132 Calculus II (3 credits)
MA231 Calculus III (3 credits)
MA232 Elementary Differential Equations (3 credits)
MK320 Principles of Marketing (3 credits)
PH131 Physics I (4 credits)
PH132 Physics II (4 credits)
PY151 Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)
STAT383 Probability & Statistics (3 credits)
ES 220 Statics (3 credits)
ES 330 Fluid Mechanics (3 credits)

Professional Experience
All students participate in a project-based professional experience such as a co-op, an internship, directed research or a community project clearly related to the student's professional goals.

Core Electives

The following are electives students are required to complete for the E&M major.

Professional Elective (must complete 3 cr.)

1 Free Elective, International Experience

A professional elective in E&M is a 3-credit course (or equivalent) that predominantly covers engineering or engineering management knowledge. Examples of such courses include any sophomore-, junior- or senior-level course in engineering; any junior- or senior-level course in a topical knowledge area(s) in the Guide to the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge, 3rd edition, ASEM, 2013; or courses focused on information technology.