Frequently Asked Questions

When do I access services in the Office of University Advising?

The OUA at Clarkson fosters a collaborative relationship and partnership between a student, their academic advisor, and other student support services.  Academic advising through OUA is a supportive process that provides students with the opportunity for one to one personalized interaction with an academic advisor. Through this process, academic advisors help students transition to college, integrate into the CU community, navigate their curriculum, connect to campus resources, and evaluate progress toward on-time degree completion. Contact the OUA and make an appointment. Walk-ins too are welcome.

Who is my program academic advisor?

You are able to locate your academic advisor’s name on the “Student Center” tab in myCU. Click on the “details” link to find out additional information about the advisors, such as their role and contact information.

Am I required to meet with my program academic advisor?

Every undergraduate student at CU is assigned an academic advisor and they are a great resource for students. Students are required to meet with their academic advisor a minimum of one time per semester and are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor on a regular basis. Meetings with academic advisors are a great time to ask questions about plans of study and co-curricular opportunities, such as study abroad and undergraduate research.

Where do I find more information about course registration, student records, financial aid, satisfactory academic progress, and student accounts?

Student Administrative Services offers a suite of services in the areas of student records, financial aid, and student accounts. Procedural information, deadlines, and how to tutorials may be found on the SAS website.

Our Staff

Cathy Avadikian serves at Clarkson's Director of Undergraduate Academic Advising Operations and Resources and University Studies Advisor

Cathy Avadikian
Director of University Advising and University Studies

Jeremy Riedl is the Student Advising Specialist and Engineering Student Advisor at Clarkson University

Jeremy Riedl
Undergraduate Advising Specialist 

Shantel Ingersoll Advising

Shantel Ingersoll
Academic Advising Specialist, Pre-health Science Advisor

Sarah Treptow Advising

Sarah Treptow
STEM Leaf Project Director