You Make the Difference

Two students at the senior class picnic

Your investment in The Clarkson Fund creates long-term impacts in shaping the University’s future. At the same time, your gift has an immediate effect on today’s students. By giving to The Clarkson Fund…

…you are supporting the financial aid that nine of ten Clarkson students need. Clarkson attracts the brightest, most promising students, many of whom simply can’t afford to pay full tuition.

…you are putting state-of-the-art technology on campus so our students and faculty can work at the forefront of discovery.

…you are ensuring academic excellence throughout our more than 50 rigorous academic programs. From top professors to innovative curricula, these factors form the foundation of outstanding student achievement.

…you are putting Clarkson at the leading edge of sustainability research, and you’re helping students apply that research right here on campus.

…you are giving Clarkson students an edge in athletic competition, challenging the Golden Knights to drive forward and win.

The Reh Challenge

Want to maximize the impact of your gift? Take the Reh Challenge

Your dollars can go much further if you participate in the Reh Challenge by committing to a gift, of any size, on your credit card for four years. Upon completion of your multi-year pledge, Dave '62 and Sue Reh will give an additional $500 to Clarkson. Your generous donation combined with that from the Rehs will make Clarkson stronger than ever. 


Commit to an annual gift on your credit card for 4 years and Dave & Sue Reh with give $1000 to Clarkson equalling a stronger Clarkson