Our Priorities for Technological Solutions

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Emerging and Traditional Contaminants and their Treatment
  • Innovative PFAS treatment
  • Sensor development for watershed management using citizen science
  • Materials for cost effective nutrient recovery
  • Solar-energy driven water desalination
  • Aquaculture for nutrient management
  • Resource recovery process development for improved agricultural land management
  • Conservation, restoration, and enhancement of aquatic habitats
  • Predict and protect against HABs
  • Hg fate and transport in river systems
Managing water quantity and quality: modeling, detection, early warning systems
  • Predict and prevent flooding; predict and manage drought
  • Preserve and restore wetlands
  • Track microbial sources; microbial risk assessment
  • Manage landscapes to reduce loading of stressors to water bodies
  • Model sediment transport
Resiliency Improvements of Water Infrastructure
  • Sustainable infrastructure planning
  • High resolution mapping and forecasting via low-cost sensors coupled with advanced data analytics
  • Determine water consumption patterns and factors influencing consumption via detection systems and advanced data analytics