Noah Chicoine '20, BS Applied Mathematics and Statistics
North Adams, Mass.

I feel really good about my first year at Clarkson. I've been able to learn and explore and to settle on my goals. I declared a major of chemical engineering when entering Clarkson, but I decided to switch to applied mathematics and statistics in the fall. It makes more sense, because I have a real knack for math. I took the whole engineering-math sequence (Calculus I, II, and III, and differential equations) my freshman year. I did well and really liked all of the classes. Like most students, I want to get a good job after graduation. Clarkson has a great reputation for producing graduates who find employment right out of college — that was a big reason why I chose to come here. I hope to find a job in data analytics and modeling, hopefully working for a progressive company in either the medical or environmental realm. My ideal job would be modeling the cost and speed of implementing a nationwide renewable energy revolution. What I definitely know I want to do, however, is teach. I plan on going to graduate school for my PhD in mathematics, so that I can eventually teach at a college.

My high school was a college-prep charter school. The classes I took there helped me prepare intellectually for Clarkson's rigor. Since enrolling here, I've come to appreciate the importance of personal networking and research. In addition, the opportunities we have for hands-on experiences are incredible!

Thanks to the Honors Program’s summer research opportunities, I'm conducting research on campus for my second summer. I'm working in the Department of Mathematics, studying reduced enrollment at Clarkson since the Excelsior Scholarship was implemented in New York. For out-of-state readers, this new program provides financially eligible students with free tuition at all CUNY (City University of New York) and SUNY (State University of New York) campuses. My goal is to assess the effect this scholarship has had by modeling Clarkson's expected number of incoming students. I hope to be able to suggest a strategy for the University, and perhaps I will continue this study if my suggestions are implemented.

I love music and have been involved in Dance Ensemble and Club Saturn, a small rock band on campus, and will soon to be joining the Clarkson Pep Band. I also play intramural soccer, and I serve as a student ambassador for the Honors Program. I also hope to study abroad in the fall of my junior year.

Whatever happens, I'm looking forward to it!

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