Curriculum & Requirements

To obtain a Professional Concentration in Water Resources Engineering, a student must choose required and professional electives in order to complete the following seven courses:

Four required courses include:
CE 430 Water Resources Engineering II
CE 470 Stream Riparian System and Fluvial Morphology
CE 479 Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes
CE 490/ 491 Senior Design with Water Resources Focus

Choose any two from the following:
CE 315 Geology for Engineers
CE 340 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
CE 380 Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering
CE 434 Sustainable Development Engineering
CE 435 Groundwater Hydrology and Geochemistry
CE 478 Solid Waste Management and Landfill Design
CE 481/581 Hazardous Waste Management and Engineering
CE 482/582 Environmental Systems Analysis and Design

And choose at least one from the following:
BY 330/ EV 330 Great Lakes Water Protection
BY 431 Limnology
ES 436 Global Climate Change: Science, Engineering & Policy
COMM 428 Environmental Communication
EV 305 Sustainability and the Environment
POL 470/ SOC 470 Environmental Policy