How to Apply

As you apply to an undergraduate program of study at Clarkson, you can also apply for the Pre-public Health Advising Track by providing all required materials for the first-year undergraduate admission application and checking the box on the application for Pre-public health as a "special advising option," in addition to selecting the undergraduate major of your choice. You are free to pursue any major with the Pre-public health advising track added on to your coursework. For example, you might study choose to study psychology to learn how to motivate and direct patients and their families. Whatever you study, the specialized knowledge and skills you acquire as an undergraduate will broaden your career opportunities as a public health professional.

The advantage at Clarkson is that we do not differentiate between the different pre-health science students. Pre-public health students take part in all the events and activities promoted by the Pre-Health Science Advising Office. These include speakers in the specific health professions and health-related areas, general meetings to learn about changes in health careers and materials for preparation for the various admissions tests. In addition, there is an active pre-health professions co-ed fraternity that recruits members from all aspects of the Clarkson community.