About the Pre-Physician Assistant Advising Track

Students from all majors are welcome to pursue the Pre-Physician Assistant Advising Track, as it is not a major or a minor. Popular majors for students in this program include Biology, Biomolecular Science, Chemistry, Engineering and Management, Environmental Health Science, and Psychology

Pre-Physician Assistant Program Advantages

As a Pre-Physician Assistant student, you will also enjoy the following advantages:

  • Ten (10) of the available seats in each cohort will be held for Clarkson University Pre-PA students. Each Pre-PA student that successfully completes all the requirements and/or milestones of the Pre-PA track will be granted an interview (not an acceptance into the program). The student will then compete for the available seats with the other applicants. The student needs to have a successful interview in order to be offered a seat in the program. Applicants from Clarkson who are not Pre-PA students will compete for the remaining seats along with hundreds of other applicants.  
  • Pre-PA students will meet with the Graduate Admissions Coordinator to ensure they are meeting all requirements to apply to the PA Program. The student will continue to meet with their faculty advisor to ensure they are meeting all requirements for their declared major. 
  • Opportunities for special Physician Assistant program activities that Pre-PA students are highly encouraged to attend.
Course Requirements for Pre-Physician Assistant Students

The Pre-Physician Assistant Advising Track is not a major or minor. Students must declare a major in an area of interest, but will be required to take the 10 prerequisite courses for the MS in Physician Assistant Studies as part of their degree. 

At least three prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of the second year. Patient care hours must be acquired during the first two years as well. At least 500 hours of the 1,000-hour total is required by this time.

Requirements for Clarkson's MS in Physician Assistant Studies

Clarkson Pre-Physician Assistant Advising Track students must meet the following criteria in order to be accepted into the Clarkson University MS in Physician Assistant Studies graduate program:

  • Complete a baccalaureate degree at Clarkson University with an overall grade point average (GPA) of greater than or equal to 3.25.
  • Have no grade less than B for prerequisite courses.
  • Stay free of any disciplinary problems.
  • Meet with the PA Program’s Graduate Admissions Coordinator at the end of their sophomore year to determine continuation in the Pre-PA Plan. 
  • Acquire required number of patient care hours.
  • Submit an application to the MS in Physician Assistant Studies through the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) during the senior year at Clarkson.

How to Apply for the Pre-PA Program

As you apply to an undergraduate program of study at Clarkson, you can also apply for the Pre-Physician Assistant Advising Track by providing all required materials for the freshman undergraduate admission application and checking the box on the application for Pre-Physician Assistant as a "special advising option," in addition to selecting the undergraduate major of your choice. You are free to pursue any major with the Pre-PA advising track added on to your coursework. 

Applicants must demonstrate scholarship in math and science and a representative SAT/ACT score. Participation in health-related courses and activities is encouraged.

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