What Do I Need to be in the Pre-Physician Assistant Program?

Students must achieve and maintain a GPA of at least 3.25 throughout their undergraduate years. No grade less than B is acceptable for prerequisite courses. The students must also be free of any disciplinary problems. At the end of the second undergraduate year, students will meet with the physician assistant faculty to determine their continuation in the pre-physician assistant plan. They must continue to acquire patient care hours and finish prerequisite courses while maintaining the above-mentioned GPA.

During their senior year, students must still formally apply through the centralized process (CASPA). Ten of the available seats in each cohort will be held for Clarkson University pre-physician assistant students. Each student that successfully completes the prerequisites of the pre-physician assistant plan will be granted an interview and then compete for the available seats with other pre-physician assistant applicants. Applicants that are not Clarkson pre-physician assistant students will compete for the remaining seats with hundreds of other applicants. Successful candidates will be accepted for the cohort beginning the following January.