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Scholarship Support

If you complete the pre-teaching minor with a GPA of 3.2 or higher, you can receive additional scholarship support in the MAT program.


Students who complete the pre-teaching minor and MAT receive job offers from public schools across New York, as well as across the US and world. Graduates accept positions in public as well as independent schools.

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Pre-Teaching Minor Core Requirements

Students are required to complete the following courses:


  • Foreign language elective 
  • PY151 Introduction to Psychology
  • COMM217 Introduction to Public Speaking 
  • ED560 Modern Teacher
  • STEM330/STEM530 Analyzing Science and Mathematical Theories from Philosophical and Historical Perspectives (for STEM majors)
  • or MA453/MA553 Introduction to Mathematical Teaching (for Math majors or for STEM majors with permissions from instructor)

Independent Study

Students must observe 25 hours in secondary classrooms and complete a paper after. The following course can fulfil this requirement:

  • ED300 Educational Field Experience (1 credit)

Prerequisites for the Master of Arts in Teaching

Students interested in applying for the Clarkson MAT program (offered at the Capital Region Campus in Schenectady, New York) need to meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 24 credits in a major field (biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, history). Students who complete a more comprehensive plan of study with 30 or more credits are considered more competitive applicants.
  • PY246 Education Psychology. This course is offered by the Department of Psychology every spring.
  • A semester of foreign language study. This requirement may be filled by taking a language class at Clarkson, on a consortium campus or at any other accredited college. The requirement may also be filled by transferring in AP language credit from a high school course (score of 3 or higher).
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Four days of observation in a middle and high school. Clarkson's Department of Education, along with your pre-teaching advisor can help you make arrangements for these observations.

Hear From Our Students

"Professors from the pre-teaching minor at Clarkson helped me recognize my full potential as a math instructor. The classes provided insights into the teaching profession with professional learning communities, planning processes and teaching experience. The minor was a useful stepping stone to Clarkson’s MAT program."

Warren Robinson '18, mathematics, current MAT student

Warren Robinson