Some of the upper-level physics courses have substantial overlaps with courses at the same level in other majors and can help to both expand and boost your training in your own major. Students that typically undertake a physics minors are mechanical, aeronautical, electrical and chemical engineering majors, as well as math, applied math and chemistry majors. 

Student doing wind experiment
Students doing physics experiment
Students doing experiment with a bow and arrow

Physics Minor Core I

Students are required to complete the following courses:

  • PH131 Physics I (4 credits) 
  • PH132 Physics II (4 credits) 
  • PH231 Fundamentals of Modern Physics 
  • PH221 Theoretical Mechanics I 
  • or PH230 Physics III 
  • PH331 Quantum Physics I

Physics Minor Core II

Students must complete the following:

1 Credit Course

Students must complete one of the following courses:

  • PH121 Physics Freshman Seminar (1 credit) 
  • PH232 Modern Physics Laboratory (1 credit) 
  • PH435 Physics Senior Seminar (1 credit) 
  • PH470 Directed Study Experimental (1 credit) 
  • PH474 Directed Study Theoretical (1 credit)

300-400 Level Physics Courses

Students must complete any two 300-400 level courses, such as:

  • PH371/CM371 Physical Chemistry I
  • PH372/CM372 Physical Chemistry II