What Can the Literature and Arts Minor Do for You? 

A literature and the arts minor shows that you are well-rounded, well-read and can talk about big ideas in an engaging way. If you are a STEM, business or pre-professional major, a literature and the arts minor will set you apart from others with similar degrees by signaling the breadth and depth of your education. It will prepare you for the ever-changing modern world by giving you the skills needed to adapt quickly as jobs change. That’s one of the perks of being a passionate lifelong learner. 

Like a humanities major, a literature minor has practical applications. For example, did you know that according to The Princeton Review, humanities majors score better on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) than biology majors do? Literature is all about using words effectively, and medical schools are looking for applicants who can communicate well with patients. 

In short, a literature and the arts minor will prepare you for life.

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Top 3% Best Value Payscale Infographic 2018
75% of employers seek candidates with strong written communication skills
Kristina Kolibab '19
"I decided to add a literature and the arts minor after my sophomore year, as I fell in love with reviewing and analyzing films. It provided me with a new way to appreciate films that I had never thought of before, something that opened my eyes to just how influential the film industry can be."

Kristina Kolibab '19, Computer Science Major

Literature and Arts Requirements

To complete the requirements for the literature and the arts minor, you simply need to take five LIT and/or FILM courses and enroll in LIT499 to complete the Minor Portfolio

Course Offerings:

  • LIT220 American Literature I
  • LIT221 American Literature II
  • LIT222 Philosophy for Life
  • LIT225 American Short Story
  • LIT226 Modern Fiction
  • LIT227 Tales from the Tropics
  • LIT230 Monsters in the House
  • LIT235 Science Fiction
  • LIT239 Modern American Poetry
  • LIT240 Gender and Popular Culture
  • LIT250 World Literature 
  • LIT253 Greek Mythology 
  • LIT255 Close Encounters of the X Kind 
  • LIT262 Women Acting Out 
  • LIT323 American War Fiction 
  • LIT328 African-American Literature 
  • LIT329 Modern & Contemporary African American Fiction
  • LIT335 Violence and Reconciliation 
  • LIT353 African Literature 
  • LIT355 Power, Exploitation, and Freedom: Postcolonial Literature 
  • LIT380 Shakespeare's Game of Thrones: Blood, Lust, and Power 
  • FILM230 Cinemas of Resistance
  • FILM235 Crossing Borders
  • FILM250 Dystopian Visions in International Cinema
  • FILM340 World in a Frame