Maria Sergi
"Taking the different minor courses has exposed me to many different aspects of law. Not only have I gained a better legal understanding through the different classes, but I have also been able to form and shape my ethical contract through the teachings of my professors."

Maria Sergi '20, financial information and analysis

Hands-On Learning

Experience What You Learn

Internship Opportunities

At Clarkson, we know that hands-on experience is the best way to learn any job. That's why we promote student opportunities to intern in law offices. In the law studies minor, you work with local lawyers in real-world situations. Third year students can arrange a semester of co-op experience through Clarkson's Career Center. Clarkson's reputation for hardworking, intelligent graduates makes students prime candidates for pre-degree employment, especially in summer positions.

Franklin Pierce Law Center

An agreement between Clarkson and the Franklin Pierce Law Center benefits students interested in specializing in intellectual property law. The center, based in Concord, New Hampshire, is internationally known for producing specialists in patent law and other intellectual property fields. If you are admitted to Clarkson, you can also receive a provisional admission to the Franklin Pierce Law Center.

Washington, D.C., Semester

Students in the law studies minor may also benefit from the Washington, D.C., semester. You can spend a semester as a student at American University, taking classes and participating in extraordinary internships at places like the World Bank, NBC, Greenpeace and Homeland Security and/or as a legislative aide to members of Congress.


Perspectives of the Law (required):

  • LW270 Law and Society I - intended to be the first class taken in the minor
  • POL400 Constitutional Law  - intended to be the last class taken in the minor

Law Studies Minor Portfolio (0 credits) (required):

  • LW499 Law Studies Minor Portfolio

Areas of Law (take two of the following):

  • LW466 The Law of the Workplace
  • LW471 Law and Society II
  • POL371 Environmental Law 
  • LW352 Reading for the Law: Legal Issues in Non-Fiction Literature 
  • PHIL/POL380 Law and Bioethics 
  • POL362 Human Rights Law and Politics


Policy/Social Issues (take one of the following):

  • ANTH332 Cities and Social Justice
  • COMM 310 Mass Media and Society 
  • COMM428 Public Debate and the Environment 
  • LIT335/POL335 Violence & Reconciliation  
  • PHIL240 Contemporary Moral Issues
  • PHIL243 Business Ethics 
  • PHIL310 World Religions & Contemporary Issues
  • PHIL341 Professional Ethics
  • PHIL405 Sustainability Theory & Practice 
  • POL372 Biofuel & Farm Policy 
  • POL/SOC470 Environmental Policy
  • POL471 Energy Policy 
  • SOC330 Health, Wealth, Integrity & Environment 
  • LW490 Internship (subject to availability)

Communication (take one of the following):

  • COMM210 Theory of Rhetoric for Business, Science and Engineering 
  • COMM217 Introduction to Public Speaking 
  • COMM410 Theory and Philosophy of Communication 
  • PHIL330 Logic for Critical Thinking
  • COMM417 Business and Professional Speaking